Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 6, 2012

Cheers & Jeers: Oct. 6, 2012

Homecoming fit for a king

Clee R. Oliver, Indiana Patriot Guard assistant senior ride captain, sends this Cheer to the Kokomo and Howard County community for their support of Sgt. Bradley Atwell:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Kokomo and Howard County for their tremendous support and respect given to the family of Sgt. Bradley Wayne Atwell, USMC, who lost his life at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, on Sept. 14, 2012.

“I and Ron Coleman, state captain with the Indiana Patriot Guard, were privileged to escort Sgt. Atwell from the flight line of Grissom AFRB to Chapel Hill Christian Church. Along the route were many, many individuals waving American flags; individuals with their hand over their hearts, and small children saluting as the hearse with Sgt. Atwell, vehicles with his wife, Danielle, and the rest of the family passed by.

“At many locations along U.S. 31, walls of people stood reducing the southbound two-lane highway to one lane as the escort proceeded. Undoubtedly, people who did not even know what was happening stopped their vehicles blocking the northbound lane to a stand-still to show honor and respect for the nearly 250 motorcycles, law enforcement, and Sgt. Atwell’s family.

“At Taylor High School, where Sgt. Atwell graduated, students stood, too, with American flags honoring Sgt. Atwell as well as children in front of St. Joan of Arc Church. Chrysler employees, shoppers at the malls, restaurant establishment employees and patrons came to the streets; and fire departments emptied their firehouses to stand at attention for this fallen hero.

“Kokomo and Howard County citizens, over the last 30-plus years as evident with the Vietnam veterans reunion, have shown we are a military-supporting community. The outpouring support from this community has not gone unnoticed. Capt. Markus Trouerbach with the USMC, responsible for the logistics of Sgt. Atwell’s services in Kokomo, said, ‘In my 20-plus years in the Marine Corps, I’ve attended and organized many memorials/funerals. Thanks to your efforts, this was, by far, my most memorable experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s because of patriots like yourselves that America is what it is today..

“He continued to say, ‘ ... after this past weekend, I have gained a newfound respect for the Kokomo community. Although I am not from this area, I feel like I’m at home here.’

“I publically would like to thank many individuals who helped me as ride captain for this mission of the Indiana Patriot Guard. I will not mention anyone individually because I do not want to leave anybody out — you  know who you are. It has been our honor as INPG to have been invited, by the family, to bestow honor, respect and gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice Sgt. Bradley Wayne Atwell has given to this great country.”


Problems with speed limits

Steven Lee, of Kokomo, sends this Jeer about speed limits:

“The traffic signals are all wrong on Center Road east. You may think I am kidding, but I am not. The signal at Izaak Walton Road changes to 55 mph and the next mile is 30 mph. A lot of drivers drive 45 to 50 in this city. We have a lot of kids here, too. I would suggest since it is 45 from the bypass on to Izaak Road, then change the signs to 45 all the way to Center and after Center to 45 again. We will not see very much more crashes at Ind. 19 anymore.

“If the county commissioners think I am kidding, drive out here and park, and find out how many people that don’t live in here drive. I saw a truck pull out of the school grounds and speed up in front of me. I was doing 30 mph at the time. He was doing about 40 or more. I hope the county commissioners can refigure the speed limit. After all, going 55 then wanting to turn on the new bypass will cause crashes. It should be changed to 35 at Izaak Walton Road, then after the bypass, change to 45.”


Making a smooth wedding

Emily Shrock, of Kokomo, sends this Cheer to J. Edwards and Rozzi’s:

“My daughter, Samantha, was married Sept. 29. Like the typical mother of the bride, the choices are many to planning the needs of the wedding. It is a nerve-racking experience and requires months of preparation. Fortunately, much of my stress was reduced by involving J. Edwards Fine Chocolates and The Continental Ballroom/Rozzi’s Catering.

“We have always savored the cakes and candy of J.Edwards Fine Chocolates. It was natural that they were our first and only choice to do the wedding cake and cupcakes. You always have a visual of what the cake will look like, but we were blown away by how gorgeous the whole display turned out! One of the bridesmaids is getting married in a few months and changed her cake arrangements to J.Edwards. I highly recommend to anyone to use J.Edwards for any event. They were so easy to work with and made the whole potentially stressful experience very enjoyable! Much thanks to James, Ryan, and the staff of J.Edwards Fine Chocolates!

“The Continental Ballroom was recommended to us by a friend, whose opinion we very much value. Once again, we found Jennifer and Sara at The Continental Ballroom/Rozzi’s Catering to be extremely easy to work with and felt like the price was very reasonable.  The end result was a wedding and wedding reception that exceeded our expectations!  Much thanks to Jennifer, Sara, and the staff of the Continental Ballroom!

“I also want to mention that my son-in-law’s grandfather passed away the Monday before the wedding. Jennifer Rozzi from The Continental Ballroom sent a large tray of sandwiches to the funeral home. The family was both impressed and very grateful for their thoughtfulness.

“Both businesses demonstrate a high level of professionalism for the city of Kokomo. I hope that anyone wishing to plan an event and want peace of mind that it will be successful will consider using J.Edwards and The Continental Ballroom/Rozzi’s Catering.”