Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 16, 2013

Nov. 16, 2013: Cheers & Jeers

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Theft hurts grieving family

Rick Morehead of Kokomo sends this Jeer to the person or people who took a special ornament from his front yard:

“Sometime during the last few days of this week, there was a unique zebra butterfly ornament taken from my landscaping in the front of my home.

“Since the person or persons who took this zebra butterfly obviously have no regard for others’ property, I would like to explain the importance of this ornament to my family.

“This zebra butterfly was given to my wife from her sons for Mother’s Day. It was specially designed with the zebra markings, as this is the mascot that represents the rare cancer their mother was battling. The butterfly also is a sign of hope and new beginnings.

“What you may not know, or even care to know, is that their mother, my wife, recently passed away. Not only are we still dealing with her death but now have to deal with your disrespectful actions, as well.

“Please know that you will not be able to display this ornament in anyone’s yard, as it was unique and specifically designed for my family.

“If you decided this was just a prank and tossed the butterfly somewhere else, I am asking that you leave a note and tell us where you discarded the butterfly. We will go retrieve it, as it means that much to our family.”