Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

December 21, 2012

Cheers and Jeers - Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012

Thanks for donations of food

Jeff Newton, executive director of Kokomo Urban Outreach, sends this Cheer for Kokomo and Howard County:

“The success of Kokomo Urban Outreach is possible because Kokomo is such a giving community. In early November, when our food pantries were getting extremely low, donations came rolling in.

“During the month of November, KUO received food and finances that enabled us to restock the pantry with 22,000 pounds of food! Your donations made it possible for the KUO food pantries to put much needed food into under-resourced homes in our community.

“Our thanks go to Chrysler, the Kokomo-Howard County Library, Wendy’s, Ameriprise Financial, Kokomo Tribune, Chapel Hill Church, Oakbrook Church, St Luke’s UMC, and many donors who contributed to these organized food collections or donated individually.”

Museum thankful for support

Jeffrey Shively, director of development for the Kokomo Automotive Museum, sends this Cheer to the museum’s new supporters:

“The Kokomo Automotive Museum cheers all those individuals, groups and companies who have become ‘friends of the museum’ during its first-ever membership drive for 2013.

“The museum is celebrating these new friends and providing opportunities for more friends membership through a two-day open house with free admission to the general public on Dec. 27 and 28. Come and see one of the premier American automobile collections in Indiana and enjoy the holiday spirit.”

Great show here in Kokomo

Heather Bowen sends this Cheer to the IUK Crescendos and Diminuendos:

“I attend several Christmas musical events each year around the area. I have to shout out to the IUK Crescendos and Diminuendos for their awesome Christmas show, “Naughty or Nice.” It was fantastic! It was humorous, it was moving and Havens was completely packed.

“The fact that it was of such musical quality and was free to the public is even more significant. I do not have to go to Indy to see and hear quality music, nor do I have to pay! I saw in the program membership is open to the public so if you are musical, this is the organization to join. I cannot wait to see what they do next. I have seen them do “Les Miserables” and this program, and I am shocked at the quality we have right here in this town.

“You owe it to yourself to check them out! Great job cast, band and Directors Rick Alexander and Amy Baird. Wow!”

Placing blame for right-to-work

Terry L. Tidler, of Kokomo, sends this Jeer to the UAW:

“When the UAW leadership at Sold-You-Out-House begin fighting against the heinous obscenity of the Alternative Work Schedule, then I will fight against right-to-work.

“As of now, I and many of my Chrysler Bothers and Sisters, are not only in favor of RTW, but are campaigning to eliminate the ‘grandfather’ clause that requires us to pay dues to a union that has shown absolutely no interest in representing us against this health wrecking, family breaking, soul-crushing outrage.

“There will never again be a UAW built vehicle in my driveway. I will never again knowingly purchase any product befouled by the stench of the UAW. You have betrayed your membership, and have no one to blame for the success of RTW but the International Leadership.”

Thanks for caring for Mom and Dad

The family of Ralph and Maxine Rich send this Cheer to Century Villa Health Care in Greentown:

“We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to those at Century Villa Health Care in Greentown. The care and compassion Mom and Dad received over the past year was of great comfort to all of us in the Rich family.

“Even though both Mom and Dad were failing in health, the caregivers and professional staff gave them great care as well as their dignity during that difficult time. We knew when we would visit, they would be well cared for and as comfortable as could be.

“The Century Villa staff would keep the family up-to-date on any new events, whether good, bad, humorous or sad. They were always very professional but very compassionate to us all. They felt just like family to us and I know both Mom and Dad both said on several occasions how nice the caregivers were to them, all the way through their final days.

“We know Century Villa care for many in their final days, but we don’t know how they could have been any kinder and caring to Mom and Dad, or to us, in the Rich family.  There was nothing we had asked for or questions we had, that went unanswered. In fact, they went out of their way several times to help us when schedules conflicted or procedures were unclear to us.

“Again, Mom and Dad’s final days were with great caregivers who were nice and gentle people. Thanks again for being there for Mom and Dad and for being part of the family, to them, as well as to the others in our family. God bless all at Century Villa Health Care.”

Still honest people around

Jack W. Heath of Tipton sends this Cheer to an unknown, honest neighbor:

On Dec. 15, I was at Sam’s Club getting gas, and I did not know at the time I dropped my credit card. That afternoon, I received a phone call from my credit card company. The lady who found it had called the card company and they called me. I talked to the lady on the phone but I was so excited I forgot to ask her name.

Whoever this person is, “Thank you, thank you.” Praise God there are still some honest people still around.

A great stay in Kokomo

The Cleland family of Monticello sends this Cheer to the Bavarian Inn:

“We wish to thank the owner and staff at the Bavarian Inn on South Dixon Road in Kokomo or their hospitality during our recent stay.

“We stayed several days and enjoyed the quiet, private setting that is very affordable. The breakfasts were awesome, too!

“We wished there had been good places to eat close by, otherwise we would give the Bavarian Inn a 10 for a great place to stay in Kokomo.”