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January 30, 2014

Jan. 30, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — State officials should waive all snow days

I do greatly appreciate my children’s school keeping them safe during this crazy winter. The only question I have is: Why is it that the state won’t waive these days?

This winter weather has affected practically the whole state of Indiana, which says to me no school should have to make up these days because they were left with no other choice except to keep the children and staff safe by canceling school.

I also do not feel that by waiving these days means that the schools are failing our children. Instead they have taught them that their schools care about their safety, even when they are not in the school building.

If parents are so upset about their children losing school days, then this is the time parents step up and sit down with their children to talk to them, read to them or with them, practice math skills by using real-life situations like shopping for groceries (if you give the cashier this much money, you get back how much change?) and so many more lessons.

I do not feel that all schools are failing the students, however, I do feel a lot of parents have taken a back seat to helping their children continue learning when school is out. Which means they are failing their own children.

So why is it schools have to scramble to figure out how to make up days that were beyond their control? Perhaps someone can give me an answer so I can understand this more clearly.

Anginette Ankney


We need leaderswho stand for good

I would like to comment on Jim Richardson’s recent letter, agreeing with him completely. We are “sitting back and letting this all happen,” but what can WE do?

It’s a long time until November, but we CAN elect a new slate of senators and representatives who have the good sense to see where this “slippery slope” is leading and the gumption to stand up for what is right and moral, and treat our military personnel with more respect.

Pat Duchane


‘We can do better than this in Indiana’

While I am glad to see our state’s unemployment rate dip, it is still above the national average, and our state’s average household income is stubbornly lower than it was 10 years ago.

Instead of focusing on ways to solve these challenges, Gov. Pence is squandering this legislative session away by allowing his party to focus on divisive social issues, rather than by working with Democrats to find ways to create jobs that don’t punish communities across Indiana.

Indiana should be in the news for our efforts to grow the state economy, but all anyone is talking about is efforts by Republican leadership at the Statehouse to divide Hoosiers and drive away the ability for employers to recruit and retain top talent.

The governor has made it clear he doesn’t want HJR-3 on the ballot in 2016 when he’s up for re-election, but he’s willing to let Hoosiers go without health care, income stability and good jobs that could reverse these trends. We can do better than this in Indiana.

John Zody

State chairman

Democratic Party