Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

February 16, 2013

Cheers & Jeers - Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013

Christian nonprofit frees sexual slaves

Steve Matthews, formerly of Greentown and who now lives in Warsaw, sends this Cheer for an organization he wants area churches to support:

“Recently, I became a volunteer for a Christian nonprofit organization, Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue has a 10-year goal of freeing 100,000 children from sexual slavery.

“There are an estimated 26 million slaves in the world today. Some 1.6 million children are sold as sexual slaves, with the most horrific kinds of evils performed on them for great profit. This is one child per every 6 seconds becoming a sexual slave for life.

“Destiny Rescue, a biblically based Christian nonprofit group, is rising up against this great evil and already has freed hundreds of children from their evil profiteers. Destiny Rescue not only rescues the children but also provides care for their lives, provides them with Christianity and life-skills training.

“Destiny Rescue needs the church of Jesus Christ to come to life in team support of this effort. We are the protectors of those who are innocent and cannot protect themselves. Our U.S.-based office is in Syracuse. Please consider engaging one of our staff to come to your church, business or other group to explain how you can join our rescue team.

“If you are interested, please email me at Phonehero@hotmail.com.”

‘Pennies from Russell’

Neva Williams of Kokomo sends this Cheer for her late brother, Russell Day:

“I want to tell everyone about my brother, who passed away on Dec. 29, 2012.

“Russell L. Day was one of the best brothers anyone could ever ask for. He was a very thoughtful brother and friend.

“He loved his ballgames, and went to almost every one of the Kokomo High School games. He had lots of friends there.

“He also went to Northside Little League. He mowed the yard there and cleaned up trash, emptied the containers and also mopped and cleaned the restrooms when nobody else would. He had been going there ever since his son, Mike, was playing ball there.

“He loved the kids there and wanted to make everything nice for them. Russell will be remembered by lots of us.

“For Christmas every year, he would give presents or money to his children, Mike and Kelly, and son-in-law, Chris. Also, he made sure that his picture was taken with his grandkids, Courtney, Katie, John and Brook at Christmastime — with all of them wearing Santa hats. He wanted to pass them out to his family because he was so proud of them. He also made sure he had money to give to his siblings and their spouses: Ray and Ramona, Neva and Dave, Wanda and Frank, and John and Pat.

“Also, every year he would make lots and lots of party mix to give us. He also gave buckets of party mix to all his friends and other family members. He even made it for his nurses and took it to the ballgames for his friends there.

“Russell fought his battle with cancer clear up to the day he died. He took lots of treatments and never lost his hair until the last couple of months.

“He also mowed my yard after my husband died. I have pictures of him mowing my yard, even though he was sickly.

“Russell gave his heart to the Lord and got baptized on May 6, 2012.

“They say loved ones come back to visit us after they pass away, and now I believe it is true. I was clearing out some branches in my yard and was fixing to go back inside when I found this window clinger of the Kokomo Wildkats on my yard. Russell was an avid fan and left it there to tell me he is glad I’m cleaning up the mess in my yard.

“Russell always liked his yard clean, his TV screen dust-free and his car washed. So I know he was telling me that he likes that I picked up in my yard.

“Also, I was coming back from my mailbox a week or two later, and I felt something drop from my shoulder and land on the snow in front of me. It was a bright red flower on the white snowy ground. A friend of mine named Dusty told me it was a sign from my brother that he was OK, and the angels on my shoulder sent it to me.

“My sister, Wanda, was looking for pennies from Russell but never saw any. But the same time that I got the red flower, she was shopping for a new purse and the purses kept falling off the shelves — big ones, not the small ones that she was looking at. She wondered if it could be ‘Rut.’ That’s what family called him. So she knows also that he is OK.

“Brother Ray was always with Rut at the ballgames. He was not just a brother to Rut but also his buddy. Ray hasn’t been well, but I hope and pray he gets better soon.

“I know there are a lot of people who love and miss Russell. Hopefully he is with Mom and Dad now.”