Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 14, 2012

Time for Republicans, Christians to regroup

So what now, conservatives? What now, Christians? Will we just slink away until another big election comes around in four years?

Or will we maintain our stand for life, for less government intrusion in our lives, for our right to religious freedom?

Many people say they’re pro-life, but attend churches where a definitive stand has not been taken in favor of all life, from conception to natural death. In the 1930s, artificial birth control was introduced, and it scandalized most churches.

Today, only the Catholic Church has maintained its position against artificial birth control, abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research and same-sex “marriage.” Where are the rest of you?

If in these four years you can get your official church organization or governing body to make a stand for life, that will send a louder message to Congress, and the president, that you mean what you say.

There’s time to regroup now. There’s time to strengthen our position. Get ready. Get organized. Make your voice heard for those who cannot speak!  

Gayle Schnepp, Kokomo


What’s wrong with being able to read?

In the article highlighting the election of Glenda Ritz as the Indiana superintendent of education, much is made about her pledges to roll back reforms implemented by the outgoing superintendent.

Among those reforms, the article notes specifically that she will eliminate the requirement that third-graders must pass a reading test to advance to the fourth grade. I am not a professional educator, so I need someone in the vocation to clear up my obfuscation here and fill in what I am missing.

Is there a need for more illiteracy? Is it improper to ensure that third-graders demonstrate that they know how to read in order to progress in the public school system? What is so devastating about this reading requirement implemented by the outgoing superintendent that makes it a priority for Ms. Ritz to roll back?

Charles A. Layne, Bunker Hill


Friends on the hunt for more pop cans

Friends of Howard Haven, an active, nonprofit support group for Howard Haven Residential Care Center, continues to receive your aluminum cans both at our Sam’s location and on the property of Howard Haven, 3600 W. Boulevard. Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we want to thank you for your support.

Residents at Howard Haven are responsible for paying their monthly, medicinal co-pays. Friends of Howard Haven assists the residents by paying this expense through the money earned from the collection of the aluminum cans. We appreciate your support and ask that you continue to deposit all aluminum products in our receptacles.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we often receive requests from individuals and/or groups to adopt a resident for the holidays. For more information about his opportunity, call 765-452-4552 or visit Howard Haven and ask for one of the directors.

Thank you again for your support to Friends of Howard Haven. Please take a moment to visit our new website, www.howardhaven.com.

Bob Croll, Kokomo