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October 2, 2013

Oct. 2, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Will a true gov’t official step forward?

Do you ever sit up there on the dais and look out at all of the people who constantly show up to your meetings, and realize those people have hope in their minds and hearts? Their hope is that someday one of you will step up to the plate and state that it is time to just plain stop all of this turmoil.

Do you sit there and wonder which buddy or neighbor you will upset if you quit going back and forth and finally make a decision that won’t be popular with them?

All those against industrial wind turbines in Tipton County have heard you tell us what you think we want to hear. We wonder if that is the normal method of operation for you. Your actions are like a true politician’s: never committing to anything and sitting right on top of the fence. When will you realize you will never please everyone all of the time?

Some are insisting on eliminating the BZA when it comes to making a controversial decision in the future. That board is the public’s only recourse for their voices to be heard. Why wouldn’t the general public be allowed their voice? Even though it appears we have had a “supposed” voice over the last several months, it has fallen on deaf ears from everyone except two people: Jerry Acres and Helen Tragesser. The rest, who are supposedly representing the overall consensus of the county, have been like a revolving door. Even when the BZA and Plan Commission have allowed the public to speak, it is only for two minutes, or only three or four people get to speak.

This whole process is so disrespectful to the citizens of Tipton County. I am disappointed in how we have been treated, even though we have had a large majority of the people in opposition ever since the first of the year. At one Planning Commission meeting, more than 143 people were in attendance. Fewer than 20 people represented the proponents of these turbines. I grew up believing public officials based their decisions on what the majority wants. Why isn’t it that way here?

My hope is some of you will come forward with full support of Jerry Acres, because he stood his ground in upholding the procedures of the BZA and defended that board’s majority decision, even though he did not vote with the majority on March 20-21. What a shame this man has been criticized, and no one on the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission or the BZA has spoken publicly in support of him for doing what is right. It disgusts me when good people get on boards and stand strong in following the rules, but then get crucified. The community should be ashamed at how this has been allowed to happen.

When I meet my maker, I will be able to go forward with confidence that I did not lie, cheat or scandal my way to a spotlight. It is pathetic to witness firsthand the corruption and unfairness, and hear about the constant threats and strong-arm tactics being used to further certain people’s own special interests. The arrogance and superior attitudes of two people, who have shown they will go to about any length in order to reign with supremacy and control over anyone who “bucks” them by insisting they “go by the book,” has to end. Someone needs to step up to the plate, call them out, and start representing the majority.

Nancy Carney