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February 2, 2013

Cheers & Jeers: Feb. 2, 2013

‘Follow this gentleman’s example’

Shirley Nix of Kokomo sends this Cheer for the kindnesses of strangers:

“On Monday, Jan. 31, I had a most extraordinary experience.

“I was in the checkout lane of a local grocery store, when the gentleman behind me asked the cashier if he could put his one item on my bill. Before she or I could answer, he added that he also wished to pay for my groceries, which he did.

“He stated he wanted to do something nice for someone. My bill was $95.79, so this was no small gesture.

“What a wonderful surprise from a stranger. I thanked the gentleman and told him I would pass this kind act on.

“This incident put a smile not only on my face, but the cashier’s face, the sacker’s face and the many faces of family members and friends whom I shared this story with.

“Wouldn’t Howard County be a much better place if more of us would do acts of kindness to strangers we meet? I plan to follow this gentleman’s example, and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Put a smile on someone’s face (and your heart will be smiling too).”


Thanks for story on Professor Miller

Myrtle Treber of Greentown sends this Cheer for a Kokomo Tribune reporter:

“I want to thank Lindsey Ziliak, your Kokomo Tribune writer, for the great front-page story on Jan. 21. She did a great job telling us about retired IU Kokomo professor Herbert Miller.

“What an interesting article for the Martin Luther King Day edition.

“My husband, the late Harry Treber, was an adjunct faculty member at IU Kokomo in the ’70s. He greatly admired Dr. Miller, and I still remember his kind words about him.”


Apology and compensation

Lorinda Jackson of Kokomo sends this Cheer for a local business:

“My Cheer goes out to the Wash & Go Car Wash on Goyer Road.

“On Jan. 11, I washed my car and, as always, pulled the car over and got out to towel dry it. Evidently, that day the blowers had been maintenanced and a huge amount of the grease had fallen on the top of my car. I managed to get the grease off, which, being post-surgery, I wasn’t supposed to be climbing but I needed to get it off.

“So I get the phone number off the machine, called and left a message, thinking I’d never hear from them.

“Bright and early Saturday morning, I get a call with the explanation of probably why it happened and a very nice apology, along with a nice and very thoughtful compensation for the incident.

“So, thank you very much to the owners of the car wash, and I will continue to use your car wash.”


‘They too are exceptional people’

Sharon Grier, co-chairwoman of the recent Martin Luther King Jr. 2013 Celebration, sends this Cheer for all the “Unsung Heroes” the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority honored:

“Thanks to the Kokomo Tribune for recognizing Dr. Herbert Miller, whom we honored at our Martin Luther King Jr. 2013 Celebration as an ‘Unsung Hero’ of this community. He is truly an outstanding person and has lived as an exceptional example of a hero.

“However, we would have liked that the other unsung heroes honored at that occasion had been mentioned also. They were Bill Hall, Kokomo historian of African American history; Janie Young, first African American woman to serve on the Kokomo Common Council; Dietra Jackson, the first African American female hired as a police officer in Kokomo, and Claude Liggin, the first African American to be licensed as a real estate salesman in Howard County. They too are exceptional people of this community and are worthy of the title ‘Unsung Heroes’.”


Favors’ Dinner serves more than 2,000

Judy Favors of Kokomo sends this thank-you to the community:

“To all the people who helped me make this a record year for the Favors’ Free Christmas Dinner, I want to say I’m sorry for this thank-you taking so long.

“With God’s help and all your help, we served more than 2,000 meals.

“I usually write thank-you notes to a lot of people, but you know the person who brings me one pie or one dollar is just as important and needed as the ones bringing me 50 pies or $100. So to each and every person who helped in any way, be it driving, serving, giving or just saying a prayer for us, thank you. You gave me the most blessed joy and happiest year I have ever had in all my 73 years.

“Happy New Year to you all. I hope to see you all next year.

“One more thing: To all of you who have enjoyed my Christmas decorations for the last 30 years, I would like you to know that I have donated them to We Care Park. So if you still want to enjoy them, visit them there for years to come.”

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