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June 29, 2013

Hall Banquet about family

Kokomo Tribune

---- — The Hall of Fame and Recog-nition Ban-quet was remarkable. Gene Conard did a great job in his column in the Tribune telling about the induct-ees. He does this every year and there is absolutely no way I can compete with what he does with his articles. He gets so much information out of those people. I work behind the scenes at the banquet so today’s article will be about what I saw.

The banquet took place in a room of nearly 100 people with great expectations of friends and family receiving great honors that involved the sport of bowling. That meant that everyone in there had one thing in common — bowling. Beth Perkins, who was introducing her aunt Lois Kelley into the Hall of Fame, took a few minutes to reflect on what everyone in the room has meant to her and her family.

Beth could name almost everyone in there and every connection had to do with bowling. We were all family because of the sport. I got to looking around and started thinking that I knew everyone in there, too. Maybe not all because of bowling, but probably 80 percent of them. Some of them were neighbors at one time and we had bowled together as youth. Many of them I bowled youth together when you could buy a Coke for a dime.

Others become teammates of mine and remained teammates for so long that it was like family. Even through death of loved ones, we suffered as family members. I am sure many bowlers go through the same. Many teams stick together forever and when something happens, it affects them all.

When one bowler goes into the Hall of Fame, he or she has a great family there to watch. Whether it is blood family or bowling family, it’s great. This year we even had a video presentation that was awesome. Just shows you how much people mean to the bowlers.

Scholarship winners are the same. The bowling family that started them up in bowling, their coaches and friends are all there to support them.

I would have to say to the banquet was a success with great food and great friends and family. There were also had a lot tears this year which to me means that it meant a lot to a lot of people. Thank you for making this year’s banquet a success.

Around the lanes

Your City of First USBC Association president and I had a chance to go to the women’s state tournament awards banquet in Logansport. After the luncheon, the awards were handed out, then everyone was handed a ticket to ride the famous carousel in the park. This has been completely restored and is inside a building now for its protection. Everyone should take a trip to Riverside Park with or without children and take a ride.

By now everyone should have their final averages into association manager Gary Exmeyer. If you don’t and have questions, contact him at Kokomo Sport Bowl.

Cyndy Trent is the Tribune’s bowling columnist. She may be reached by email at cjtrent@att.net.