Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 14, 2013

Crash survivors: Driver was urged 'Go faster'

Associated Press

DALEVILLE (AP) — Two teenage survivors of a sport-utility crash that killed three people told police a front-seat passenger repeatedly urged the driver to "go faster" before the deadly crash.

Delaware County Sheriff's Lt. Arlan Johnson tells the Star Press crash survivors Trace Joiner and Jessica DeLong, both 13, told officers front-seat passenger Kent Kalley had urged driver Lisa H. Crane "to go faster like five or six times."

They also said Kalley urged Case, his girlfriend, to run a stop sign they were approaching just before the SUV hit a dip in the road and became airborne going faster than 100 mph.

Sunday's crash near the central Indiana community of Yorktown killed Case and Kalley, both 47, and 12-year-old Andrew Lackey.

Kalley's 13-year-old daughter, Savannah Kalley, also survived the crash.