LeBron James had two fans ejected from the arena after they crossed the line from cheering and booing into obscenity. The NBA star explained after the game why made the request.

Sweden's first female prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, has resigned from office only hours after being voted in, Sweden's official Twitter account announced. The move came before Andersson was fully in office as she had not yet had counsel with the King, a spokesperson told CNN.

A Peloton instructor, a former NBA star, a social media personality and a talk show host competed for the crown on the finale of "Dancing with the Stars."

Kyle Rittenhouse appeared in a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson where he responded to a Joe Biden campaign ad featuring him saying it was "defaming his character." CNN's Chris Cuomo and Van Jones discuss.

Brian Stelter asks ABC correspondent and "Betrayal" author Jonathan Karl about the prospect of covering a Trump 2024 campaign. It would be "an immense challenge because you're covering essentially an anti-democratic candidate. You're covering somebody running in a system that is trying to un…

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows blasted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's leadership style, suggesting that if Republicans win control of the House next year, the party should install former President Donald Trump as its next speaker. CNN's Maggie Haberman breaks it down.

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai accused a high-level Party leader of sexual assault, triggering swift censorship across the Chinese internet. China has now blocked CNN's broadcast signal to prevent further reporting about Peng, CNN's Will Ripley reports.

CNN's Don Lemon takes a closer look at RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who said she recognizes President Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, even as she claimed there were "lots of problems" with the 2020 election that Republican candidates should address.

The nation's capital is planning to lift most of its indoor masking requirements next week, as COVID-19 infection cases in Washington, D.C., continue to trend downward. Starting Monday, Nov. 22, masks will no longer be required in many indoor spaces around Washington, D.C. A statement from t…

The credibility of the Steele dossier has significantly diminished after five years from its bombshell release. A series of investigations and lawsuits have discredited many of its central allegations and exposed the unreliability of Steele's sources.

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on ABC and responded to questions about frustrations in the West Wing following CNN reporting that many in the vice president's circle believe she is being sidelined and that key West Wing aides are exasperated by what they see as entrenched dysfunction …

China's test of a hypersonic missile over the summer "went around the world," the second most senior US general said in an interview, shedding new details on the test and warning that China might one day be able to launch a surprise nuclear attack on the United States. CNN's Alex Marquadt reports.

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The humanitarian crisis in Belarus is turning into a physical assault on Europe's borders, as migrants ramp up the fight for their lives by trying to force their way into Poland. CNN's Matthew Chance is in the middle of this dangerous escalation unfolding on an international frontier.

Two explosions rocked the city center of Kamala, the capital of Uganda, one near the Central Police Station and another near parliament, according to police spokesman Fred Enanga and a journalist on the scene of one of the blasts. CNN's Larry Madowo reports.

President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill after Congress passed the $1.2 trillion package following months of negotiations. Thirteen Republicans crossed party lines to vote with the majority of Democrats.

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