It will be a rematch this fall in the race Miami County sheriff.

Facing Sheriff Kenneth Roland on the November ballot will be Charlie McCord, whom Roland defeated in 2002.

McCord was one of numerous last-minute candidates who filed ahead of Friday’s noon deadline for this year’s elections. He said numerous people in the community urged him to run, adding he switched political parties because the Democrats welcomed his candidacy.

McCord said he would sign a four-year fixed-wage agreement that is $5,000 less than Roland’s salary. He also said he would reduce the inmate medical budget by $50,000.

“This can be accomplished by properly screening inmates when they are booked into the jail,” he said. “If an inmate has a pre-existing medical condition at the time that they are booked in but later requests medical attention, it will be the inmate’s responsibility to finance it.”

Roland said McCord’s medical savings idea is not realistic, especially since state law governs the treatment of inmates.

“You’ve got to maintain their health,” he said. “What he’s saying there is not accurate.”

McCord said that no inmate would be denied medical care under his watch, reiterating proper screening of inmates can reduce the department’s medical costs.

McCord advocates restructuring the county jail. “They need to exhaust all the avenues before they build a new one,” he said.

Roland said it’s ultimately the county commissioners’ decision whether to build a new jail, but “we can’t afford not to build one,” adding the current facility’s size is affecting local sentencing.

If the county loses a lawsuit on the jail, the county would have to build a new jail to the specifications of a federal judge, which would be more expensive, Roland said.

Howard, Tipton counties

Sheriff Marty Talbert will be facing a Democrat challenger of his own — either Jon D. Zeck or Robert S. Walker Jr.

Zeck, a veteran of 28 years on Howard County Sheriff Department, has served as a patrol deputy, juvenile investigator, patrol sergeant, shift supervisor and department captain.

In Tipton County, Democrat Ken Ziegler filed to run against incumbent District 1 Commissioner Dennis Henderson.

Ronald Byal, a deputy prosecutor in Howard County, filed to run against Jay Rich in the Republican primary for Tipton County prosecutor.


The following people have filed to run for office in the May primary election:


United States Senate — Richard G. Lugar, Republican

United States House of Representatives, District 2 — Tony Zirkle, Republican; Chris Chocola, Republican

United States House of Representatives, District 5 — Clayton Alfred, Republican; Dan Burton, Republican; Victor Wakley, Republican; Mike Brown, Democrat; Katherine Fox Carr, Democrat; Michael Clements, Democrat; Thomas E. Williams, Democrat

Indiana Senate, District 21— Jeff Drozda

Indiana House of Representatives, District 30 — John Smith, Republican; Ron Herrell, Democrat

Indiana House of Representatives, District 32 — Eric Turner, Republican

Indiana House of Representatives, District 38 — James Buck, Republican

Commissioner District 1 — Dwight Singer, Republican

Clerk — Mona Myers, Republican

Assessor — Jamie Shepherd, Republican

Recorder — Linda Koontz, Republican; Brenda Duncan, Democrat

Sheriff — Robert S. Walker Jr., Democrat; Jon D. Zeck, Democrat; Marshall Talbert, Republican

Prosecutor — James R. Fleming, Republican

Superior Court 2 — Stephen Jessup, Republican

Superior Court 4 — George Hopkins, Republican

County council

District 1 — James Papacek, Republican

District 2 — Gary McKay, Republican; Paul Wyman, Republican; Ann Harrigan, Republican

District 3 — Les Ellison, Democrat

District 4 — Richard Miller, Republican

Township offices

Center Township trustee — Jean Lushin, Democrat

Center Township assessor — Sheila Pullen, Democrat

Center Township board — Janie Young, Democrat; Betty Willis, Democrat; Shirley Washington, Democrat; Robert Stephenson, Democrat; Wanda McKillip, Republican; Donnie Haworth, Democrat; Kim Wyrick, Republican; Raymond Pouncy

Clay Township trustee — David Boyce, Republican

Clay Township board — Ramona Coalburn, Democrat; Brian Shearer, Republican; Thomas Podwell, Republican

Ervin Township board — L. Wayne White, Democrat; Dan Alexander, Democrat; Lin Ortman, Democrat; Joe Pohlman, Democrat

Harrison Township trustee — John Harbaugh, Republican; John Michael Craig, Republican; Jeff Beeler, Republican

Harrison Township assessor — Joyce Ancil, Republican

Harrison Township board — Kimberly Ennis, Republican; Susanne Jones, Republican; Alma Miller, Republican; Sandy Ginter, Republican; Jason Lemons, Republican; Darwin Taylor, Republican; Kent Weaver, Republican; David Ancil

Honey Creek Township trustee — David Britton, Republican

Honey Creek Township board — Kent Milburn, Republican; Jack Talbert, Democrat; Anita Kanable

Howard Township trustee — Virginia Marner, Republican

Howard Township board — Jane Troyer, Republican; Michael Lantz, Democrat

Jackson Township trustee — Greg Kingseed, Republican

Liberty Township trustee — Linda Grove, Republican

Liberty Township board — Stanley Zirkle, Republican; Polly Bray, Republican

Monroe Township trustee — David Reser, Republican

Monroe Township board — Linda Johnston, Republican

Taylor Township trustee — Dianne Kuntz, Republican; Alden Sink, Republican

Taylor Township assessor — John Raisor, Democrat

Taylor Township board — Floyd Richmond, Republican; Jerry Wooldridge, Democrat; Robert Bodine, Republican

Union Township trustee/assessor — Stephen Carpenter, Democrat

Union Township board — Philip Hueston, Democrat; Anthony Downing, Republican; Stanley Downing, Republican

Eastern School Board

Greentown — Larry Hinesley; Joyce Henrix

At-large — Randy Blankenship; Terry Steiner; Dale Smith

Kokomo-Center School Board

At-large — James Callane, David Siefers, Cristi Brewer, Joe Dunbar, Bob Cameron, Karen Sosbe, Napoleon Leal Jr., Chris Fidler

Northwestern School Board

At-large — Ted Merrell, Lois M. Hartman; Chris Baer

Taylor School Board

District 2 — Stephanie Fantuzzo, Dennis Marler

At-large — Lyman A. Marler

Western School Board

At-large — J. Conrad Maugans

Monroe Township — Jon Marley, Jim Watkins

Harrison Township — Harry Kenworthy, Ronald Colby

Honey Creek Township — Michael Koloszar


Sheriff — Kenneth Roland, Republican; Charles McCord, Democrat

Prosecutor — Eric Huneryager, Republican

Clerk — Debra Walker, Republican

Coroner — Rafik Farag, Republican; Lloyd L. Hill, Republican

Surveyor — Jeffrey Harvey, Republican; Patrick M. Gallahan, Democrat

Assessor — Nancy Hardwick-Gates, Republican

County Commissioner District 3 — Gregory D. Deeds, Democrat; R.M. ‘Butch’ Morris, Republican

County Council District 1 — Thomas Morrison, Republican; Alan Hunt, Republican; John Foust, Democrat

County council District 2 — Ralph Duckwall II, Republican; Joan M. Smith, Democrat

County council District 3 — Brian Robertson, Republican; Brenda E. Belk, Democrat; Richard Wiles, Democrat

County council District 4 — Francis P. Jaquay, Republican; Steven McAuliffe, Republican; Cheravee Gallahan-Stone, Democrat

Township offices

Allen Township trustee — Margaret L. White, Republican

Butler Township trustee — Angie Stone, Republican; Tina Duggins-Foust

Clay Township trustee — Karen LeMaster, Republican

Deer Creek Township trustee — Ralph N. Cory, Republican

Erie Township trustee — Don Keller, Republican

Harrison Township trustee — John E. Haines, Republican

Jackson Township trustee — Vickie L. Cameron, Republican

Jefferson Township trustee — Reginald Wolfe, Republican

Peru Township trustee — Chris Newhouse, Republican; Cheryl Lee, Democrat

Perry Township trustee — Jerry D. Klein, Republican

Pipe Creek Township trustee — Patricia Wade, Republican

Richland Township trustee — Mary C. Boswell, Democrat

Union Township trustee — Jerry Carlson, Democrat

Washington Township trustee — Julie A. Hamman, Republican

Peru Township assessor — Michael Chittum, Republican

Pipe Creek Township assessor — Brian Montgomery, Republican; David V. Small, Democrat

Allen Township advisory board — Jerry Calloway, Republican; Richard Briggs, Republican; Diane S. Wildermuth, Republican

Butler Township advisory board — Don O. Kunkle, Republican

Clay Township advisory board — Dewey Childers, Republican

Erie Township advisory board — Blake Touloukian, Republican; Beth Tomes, Republican; Karen Stevenson, Republican

Harrison Township advisory board — Martha Snyder, Republican; Kenneth Spangler, Republican

Jefferson Township advisory board — Hugh L. Nixon, Republican; Jean Conner, Republican; Stan Stephenson, Republican

Peru Township advisory board — William Quinton, Republican; E. Willadean O’Neal, Republican; Ruth Cox, Republican; Donna Stiver, Republican

Perry Township advisory board — Roberta Struck, Republican; Colleen Click, Republican

Pipe Creek Township advisory board — Maureen Fenske, Republican; John McCurtain, Republican; Gary Pickett, Republican

Richland Township advisory board — Dean McGuire, Republican; Nancy L. West, Republican

Union Township advisory board — Ralph D. Brown, Democrat; Samuel E. Benge, Democrat; Bill Clemons, Democrat

Washington Township advisory board — Dal Metzger, Republican; Ronald Morris, Republican; Sharon Berkheiser, Democrat

Bunker Hill Town Board (two seats) — no filings

North Miami School Board

District 1 (Allen Township) — Brian Reed, William Deeds, Donald Briggs

District 2 (Perry Township) — Stanley E. Hudson

District 4 (Union Township) — Lowella Sherman, Rodney Roth

Peru School Board (two Peru City seats) — Sharon A. Shuey; John Alfrey; Brian Mullikin

Maconaquah School Board

District 1 (Washington 1 or 3) — Robert Harkema, Lewis Little

District 3 (Deer Creek and Clay townships) — Timothy G. Miller

District 4 (Pipe Creek Township) — Greg Bevington, Douglas G. Kuepper

Oak Hill School Board

District 6 (all corporation) — Kent L. Sumpter

District 1 (Jackson Township) — Paul Dean Biggs

Precinct committeemen

Clay precinct committeeman — Neal Givens, Democrat

Erie precinct committeeman — Patsy Ballard, Democrat

Jackson 2 precinct committeeman — J.R. Hodson, Republican

Jefferson 1 precinct committeeman _ Troy Prior, Democrat

Jefferson 3 precinct committeeman — Donald Hagenbush, Democrat

Peru 3 precinct committeeman — Holliday Smith, Democrat; Cheryl Lee, Democrat

Peru 4 precinct committeeman — Patty Newnum, Democrat

Peru 5 precinct committeeman — Dorothy Greer, Democrat

Peru 7 precinct committeeman — Penny Frederick, Democrat

Peru 8 precinct committeeman — Patrick M. Gallahan, Democrat

Peru 9 precinct committeeman — Suzanne K. Faust, Democrat

Peru 10 precinct committeeman — Mary Costin, Democrat

Richland precinct committeeman — Marilyn Boswell, Democrat

Pipe Creek precinct committeeman — Melvin Smith Jr., Democrat

Pipe Creek 4 precinct committeeman — David V. Small, Democrat

Washington precinct committeeman — Lenard Rasmussen, Democrat


Prosecutor — Jay D. Rich, Republican; Ronald Byal, Republican

Clerk — Bonita G Guffey, Democrat

Auditor — Suzanne C. Alexander, Republican; Linda Scott, Democrat

Treasurer — Linda Warner, Democrat

Sheriff – John R. Moses, Republican; Scott L. Brumley, Republican; Chester (Butch) Netherton Sr., Republican; Matt Thompson, Democrat; Glen Rhoades, Democrat; Harley E. (Butch) Groover, Republican

Surveyor – Luther M. Cline, Republican; Jason R. Henderson, Republican

Assessor – Linda Altherr, Republican

County commissioner District 1 – Dennis Henderson, Republican; Ken Ziegler, Democrat

County council

District 1 — Beth A. Roach, Republican; Jon Adams, Republican

District 2 — John A. Ripberger, Democrat

District 3 — Madonna Alderson, Republican

District 4 – Kurt Fettig, Republican

Township offices

Cicero Township Assessor – Debra Lange, Republican

Cicero Township Trustee – Paul Weismiller, Republican

Cicero Township Board – Andrea M. Good, Republican; Richard A. Grishaw, Republican; Gary Hook, Republican

Madison Township Trustee – Timothy Clouser, Democrat

Madison Township Board – Mark E. Noble, Democrat; Greg Merida, Democrat; Craig Clouser, Democrat; Grant Dunn, Republican

Jefferson Township Trustee – Gary G. Amos, Republican

Jefferson Township Board — Lloyd Alexander, Republican; Mark S. Boyer, Republican; Ronata R. Foster Dombrosky, Republican

Prairie Township Trustee — Kenneth Graves, Republican

Prairie Township Board — Gary D. David, Republican; James Stroup, Republican

Liberty Township Trustee — Jeffrey A. Huff, Republican

Liberty Township Board — David Brumbaugh, Republican; Linda K. Cox, Republican; Terry Farris, Republican

Wildcat Township Trustee — Betty M. Bunch, Democrat

Wildcat Township Board — Howard C. Heath, Democrat; Janie Horner, Democrat

Tipton Community School Board

Cicero Township — Cheryl L. Comer

Tipton City (2 seats) — Ken Ehman, Ronald Neff; Julie A. Calvin; Monica Sue Wilson

Northern Community School Board

At-large — Jerry Fernung; Barry Appleton

Wildcat Township — Dan DeLong; Teresa M. Cotterman

Liberty Township — Kolby W. Dickover; Rhonda Kay Salsbery

Precinct committeemen

Cicero District 1 — Margaret Ann Regnier, Republican

Cicero District 2 — Joe VanBibber, Republican; Wanda J. (Heath) Walker, Republican; Glenda C. Muncie, Democrat

Cicero District 3 — Ron Barr, Republican

Cicero District 4 — Andrea Joines, Republican

Cicero District 5 — Virginia M. Baker, Democrat; Beth A. Tilley, Republican

Cicero District 6 — William R. Gibbs, Democrat

Cicero District 7 — Charlene Henry, Democrat

Cicero District 8 — Matthew B. Quigley, Republican

Jefferson District 1 — Karen S. Dell, Democrat

Jefferson District 2 — Thomas J. Spray, Republican; Wilma Snipes, Democrat

Prairie — no filings

Liberty District 1 — Pat Witham, Republican

Liberty District 2 — Mary Ann Breedlove, Republican; Eunice M. Ott, Democrat

Wildcat — Betty M. Bunch, Democrat

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