A campaign brochure being distributed by the Indiana Republican Party contains information that is not accurate, according to Democrat challenger Ron Herrell.

Herrell and incumbent Republican John Smith are involved in a rematch of the 2004 race. Two years ago, Smith, a political newcomer, upset Herrell, who first won election to the Indiana House District 30 seat in 1998.

Herrell said that two brochures contain inaccurate information about his voting record.

“It is one thing to twist facts, another to be false,” Herrell said. “This is the result of somebody not reviewing the mail. You have to preview and look at each mailer, particularly when it states you authorized it.”

Herrell said he wouldn’t approve some mailers that the Indiana Democratic Party wanted to distribute that included false information about Smith’s voting record.

“I’m not aware of any place where I can file a complaint,” he said. “When this is done at the end of a campaign, there is not much that can be done.”

Herrell said he became aware of the two mailers when he received copies from people who have received them in the mail.

“I look at everything to see if it is true or not,” he said. “I want the voters to know that the flyers are not true.”

One brochure states that Herrell supported an increase in the state’s gasoline tax. The brochure mentions the fact that every time we fill up at the pump we’re reminded of the Middle East crisis, the two hurricanes and the broken Alaskan pipeline that is increasing the cost of gasoline.

“Our families are facing tough decisions about what to cut from our budgets to make ends meet,” it states. “The last thing we need is higher gasoline prices. But, when Ron Herrell was in the State House he wanted to increase the gas tax for every hard-working Hoosier family.”

The brochure continues that Herrell voted for a 7-cent gas tax increase and a 3-cent gas tax increase and cites as a source “Roll Call Vote 139, HB (House Bill) 1317, 2005 and HB 1001.”

Herrell was not a state lawmaker in 2005 and couldn’t have cast a vote on the two bills mentioned.

Smith said Wednesday the two bills were voted on in 2002.

“We did try to get it corrected, but some how it didn’t,” he said

A second brochure mailed by the GOP for Smith contends that Herrell “supports homosexual marriage” and voted for a bill that would create special legal rights for homosexual couples like same gender partner health benefits.

The brochure notes that Herrell’s vote was on HB 1684 in 2003.

A synopsis of the bill deals with employee protections: Requires an employer that provides an enclosed employee lounge or break room: To designate and post it as a nonsmoking area; to provide at least the same number of enclosed nonsmoking employee lounges or break rooms as those in which smoking ifs permitted.

It then states the bill “makes it unlawful to discriminate based on marital status or sexual preference.”

The bill was defeated.

Herrell said the bill in question deals with work force discrimination.

Smith said Herrell did vote for the bill which gave special benefits to same sex couples.

The bill would have required the same health care benefits for same sex couples as for married people, Smith said.

Smith said he has also been the victim of incorrect campaign material. Herrell’s campaign used wrong information in a brochure on an immigration bill, according to Smith.

“They cited the right bill number, but the wrong year,” he said. “We didn’t call him on it. We understand that some times wrong bill numbers and dates are cited.”

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