EVELINDA: I read that Tyra Banks, the gorgeous high-fashion model and newly minted TV-talk-show host, is not pleased with her eyebrows. She thinks they are too far apart.

JUDIE: What’s too far apart is her perception and reality. Has she looked at her face and body? Which brings us to the issue of eyebrows. I was out of town last week and stayed in a hotel room with regular mirrors. I could barely see my lips to schmear on some lipstick, never mind finding stray brow hairs to tweeze. When I came home and looked at my brows in a magnifying mirror, I saw a forest that Weyerhaeuser would have envied.

EVELINDA: We take the care and feeding of our eyebrows fairly seriously ever since a makeup artist told us that brows are the frames of the face. There are three ways to shape eyebrows: threading, tweezing and waxing. We have raved about threading in the past, so let’s explore these more popular methods.

JUDIE: First, some brow facts. According to InStyle Magazine, the average brow contains 500 hairs. An eyebrow hair lasts about three to five months before it sheds. It takes about 50 to 70 days for an eyebrow follicle to grow a new hair after it’s been plucked. That thought alone should hold you back from over-tweezing.

EVELINDA: If you can afford it, get your eyebrows shaped by a professional at least once so that you know how good they can look. Tweeze strategically to maintain the salon shape for as long as possible. The brow should follow the natural arch and the shape of your eye. We recommend investing in Tweezerman brand eyebrow tweezers, which stay sharp the longest and can usually grab onto the tiniest hairs. About $20 and up. They are available at drugstores, even at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, in case you feeling like tweezing while checking sheet-thread counts.

JUDIE: We are not waxing fans because, No. 1, it really hurts; 2, it breaks us out, and 3, it leaves skin red and irritated. By the way, if you use skincare products with Retin A, avoid waxing. Your skin has thinned out too much to tolerate it. If you do like waxing, but have sensitive skin, aesthetician Analeisse Sanchez of Third Avenue Studio in Denver recommends blue wax, which is kinder and gentler to skin.

EVELINDA: To complete the look, moisten an eyebrow brush, dip it in brown eye shadow and fill in bare brow spots. Finish off with a swipe of natural lash mascara by Max Factor or any clear mascara to hold hairs in place.

JUDIE: Also consider purchasing an eyebrow-shaping kit. For the latest on eyebrows, go to eyebrowz.com.

Judie Schwartz and Evelinda Urman write on corporate office wear and the art of personal style. E-mail them at stylematters@comcast.net.

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