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In coming weeks, the United States Department of Agriculture will begin accepting financial relief applications from farmers who report losses related to COVID-19.

The current coronavirus pandemic has left most people confined to their homes. Consequently, individuals and organizations are forced to hold meetings online. Due to this, the video conferencing industry is experiencing an increase in demand. Video conferencing has become a staple in most homes as the primary way to keep up with school, work, and family.

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Indiana State University's 2020-21 operating budget, which takes effect July 1, is already down about $10 million from where it was two years ago, primarily the result of fewer students and less tuition revenue. The university says it has focused on

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Private college administrators are closely watching fall enrollment numbers. Funds from tuition, fees, and room and board are the primary source of revenue for the vast majority of private colleges. With the unemployment caused by COVID-19, a larger than average number of families may have financial difficulty affording education.

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INDIANA — A recently released audit by the Indiana State Board of Accounts found that former Georgetown Police Chief Dennis Kunkel failed to deposit more than $8,000 in tow-in fees, which could put him on the hook for double that amount.

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