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ANDERSON — A new attendance policy was approved for Anderson High School by the Anderson Community Schools board Tuesday.

Presented by Anderson High School Principal Eric Davis, the policy requires students to be present for at least 90% of each grading period to be eligible to attend school functions outside of normal school hours.

“We want to make sure (students) know that if you’re going to take part in outside activities, you need to be at school first because getting the best possible education is very important,” Davis said.

This policy will not, however, penalize students with excused absences.

Prior to his proposal, Davis said there was no policy in place regarding a student’s attendance at school and their ability to participate in after-school events such as sporting events, dances, plays and commencement.

Davis added that he hopes this policy will aid the school’s efforts to improve its attendance rate from last year’s 91.3% to 95%.

All members in attendance voted in favor of the policy, and Diane Airhart, assistant secretary of the board, suggested the board consider this change for all schools in the district at a later date.

Board member Timothy Long was not in attendance Tuesday.

Also approved at the meeting was the increase of adult meal prices from $3.55 to $3.65.

Amber Swineheart, director of nutrition and food services at Anderson Community Schools, suggested the increase based on federal pricing requirements, and all board members in attendance voted in favor of the increase.

While the Anderson Community Schools employee handbook was also addressed at the meeting, the board did not take action on the topic. A meeting regarding the handbook is scheduled for Thursday, according to Randall Harrison, president of the Anderson Federation of Teachers.

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