Some fine reporting from Chalkbeat Indiana revealed that the Indiana Virtual School — like Indiana Vision Pathways, a public charter school — collected just under $10 million in taxpayer money in 2015-16.

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Forgiveness wasn’t a new concept when it freed Eva Kor from a burden of pain. Yet, when this survivor of sadistic atrocities forgave her Nazi tormentors, Kor’s gesture began reverberating around the world. 

Ross Perot famously said, “Eagles don’t flock. You have to find them one at a time.” It was a prescient comment from the first billionaire to run for president, coming a few years before Steve Forbes and some 34 years before Donald J. Trump.

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GOP candidate for attorney general offers needed alternative to Curtis Hill

This is the time during the election cycle when candidates begin to declare their intentions to run for elective office.

Gerrymandering gives pols more power than the voters

The ability to draw their own districts so that they favor the party in power has long been an expectation and tradition for politicians in Indiana and elsewhere across the country.

“It was really bugging me, and I kept saying, ‘someone needs to do something.' Well, I eventually asked myself, ‘if someone has to do something, why can’t it be me?'"

On Wednesday, half a world away from Terre Haute in Eastern Europe, Eva Mozes Kor did what she's been doing for more than 20 years — talking passionately about hatred, persistence, tolerance, personal growth and forgiveness.

They burned a cross on my grandfather’s yard.

It happened long ago, in the days after World War II. My grandfather was a school principal in this small Southern Indiana college town overlooking the Ohio River.

By 2020, Indiana may become the so-called "middle finger" of Midwestern marijuana prohibition. Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational weed last month, joining Michigan. It's on the ballot again in Ohio this November and likely to pass.

I do not write this as a reflection on Independence Day shared by all African Americans. Instead, these are personal views based on my experience as a member of the group, books I have read, and other information like the Civil War movie "Glory!" (which is about black men who ably served in that terrible conflict).

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