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For the past four decades, I've covered the Indiana General Assembly as a reporter and monitored it as a columnist and publisher. What occurred on the House floor and out in the Statehouse hallways last week has been described as a "racial" clash. And I will tell you up front that while there has been racial tension throughout Indiana's two centuries of statehood, this is the first time in my memory that it bubbled up so publicly at the Statehouse.

Recent local news and television reports have featured stories on Anderson’s all-white school board’s refusal to allow Blacks and Hispanics to serve as non-voting members of the committee to interview candidates for the superintendency. Not only do I think such refusal is shameful, it is also likely to guarantee the selection of a superintendent who may not be the best choice for the position.

Embrace hope as we mourn a half-million

As the one-year anniversary of the month during which the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S. nears, a milestone signifying the severity and seriousness of the public health crisis has already arrived.

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