Howard County needs Ortman

As Election Day draws near, Howard County voters need to look closely at their choices for councilman. These are tough economic times. This county needs someone who puts the taxpayer first. We need someone who will listen to our concerns and be willing to stand in the gap and say no to excess spending – a man who will manage our precious financial resources in the best interest of all citizens.

Stan Ortman has the leadership, experience and compassion to do just that. Stan is a man of principle. A man who knows hard work, self-sacrifice, providing for a family and giving back to the community he lives in.

Service above self. Howard County needs Stan Ortman.

David Lovegrove, Kokomo

Unity is crucial in any endeavor. Ann Wells has continued the tradition of unity in the auditor’s office. And having worked for her, we stand united in our support of Mrs. Wells.

We are not just employees, but also fellow taxpayers. As such, we see, every day, how Ann Wells works for the good of all of us. There have been many changes in the tax laws as handed down by the state. Ann has been very diligent in researching the possible effects those changes will have on the residents of Howard County, and then institutes those changes in a timely manner.

The state of Indiana has 92 counties. Thanks to the dedication of our county officials, including Ann, Howard County often leads the way in getting the job done.

Depending on the results of this election, there may be many other tax law changes that will require the experience Ann Wells has to offer. Experience and conviction – Howard County needs Ann Wells.

Auditor’s office employees

How much is too much?

As a kid, I watched a TV show that featured the hero Robin Hood. In a deja vu thing, I wonder if I am seeing the concept being repackaged and thrown at me.

By Obama’s own words, on video, to an Ohio plumber, Barack said, “I’m just trying to spread the wealth.” He feels we need to redistribute your income to help those below you.

Honesty in a politician is refreshing. Unfortunately, that was a mistake that seems to be hidden on most media outlets.

Who is Obama to decide I make too much or you make too much, and he has the right to “redistribute” wealth? Name me one socialistic nation that has succeeded!

America has succeeded because of the people who wanted to better themselves. Socialism brings all to a level of shared misery. Mark my words! If Obama is elected, before he is inaugurated he will “discover” the need to raise taxes on a level well below $250,000. More shared misery. It’s a little different when your pocket is picked.

Suppose 15 years ago I went to a party at the home of someone now convicted of, say, embezzlement. Am I at fault? Of course not. So let’s give Barack a pass on Ayers. Once is just a coincidence.

But let’s factor in some other folks. Bernadette Dohrn, Ayers’ wife, is a terrorist. Obama’s campaign fundraiser is a lady named Katz. She is a former SDS terrorist and now a top fundraiser. Obama has confirmed in his book that the Rev. Wright is one of his most influential people. Convicted felon Rezko gave at least one sweetheart deal to Obama.

Smoke equals fire in this case.

Mike Moran


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