Thanks for billboard, thanks to Kokomo area

I have never met Sgt. Jones or his family, but I share some of the same feelings his family is going through right now. I did not participate in the funeral procession; I stood quietly and watched as thousands of others lined the streets and supported the family and community. Just being there brought back vivid memories of the trials of life I went through back in July 2003.

I would like to thank whoever paid for and placed the billboard on the northbound side of U.S. 31 just before 84 Lumber. The billboard has an American flag draped and reads: “Freedom is not free, in memory of Rickey Jones, James Swain, Robert McKinley and Brian Clemens.” This is a very nice tribute to the four courageous young men from the Kokomo area.

I also echo the comments of Mayor McKillip in thanking the Kokomo Police Department, Howard County Sheriff’s Department, Howard County Emergency Management, ABATE, the Patriot Guards, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the residents of Kokomo and Howard County and surrounding cities and counties for a great job of supporting this family and honoring this young man.

Mrs. Rogers, may God be with you and your family in this time of sadness and mourning your loss. May God bless Sgt. Rickey Jones and all the other members of the military who are currently serving or have served to protect our freedom!

I’m the proud uncle of Pvt. Robert McKinley, who died July 7, 2003.

Steve Feller, Kokomo

Indiana failing primary government function

An indisputable truth about American government, at the state and federal level, is that they have two primary functions. The first and most important is to raise and maintain a military. The second most important is to provide, develop and maintain an infrastructure. In my opinion, these are the only two functions that government should be allowed, constitutionally, to financially manage through taxation. Major Moves allows a foreign country to come in and excuse Indiana’s government of the latter responsibility.

This is a pathetic display of dysfunctional government, and I would submit to you that Indiana’s governmental money management skills are an abject failure. This statement is supported by the fact that Indiana’s debt has tripled in the last 11 years.

Folks, we have a bigger problem here, regardless of the fact that Major Moves might temporarily stimulate Indiana’s sagging economy. That is that Indiana’s government, namely Marvelous Mitch, has failed miserably in one of its primary functions.

Wally Dellenbach, Delphi

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