Hayes: Experience necessary for job

When making choices in the voting booth, I’ve always found it to be a good idea to make my selections based on the concept that the candidates are interviewing for a job. In reality, this is exactly what they are doing. I consider areas such as experience, past record in public office, the ability to work well with others and the candidate’s overall personality and background.

In using this system, it is clear to me that, this Nov. 4, Bob Hayes will be getting my vote. Bob has the experience of 10 years on city council, which include three terms as council president. He has negotiated numerous contracts with city employees, never once having had to go into arbitration. He has always had the respect of those he has worked with, regardless of political affiliations, and has demonstrated his capability of working in a bipartisan manner for the benefit of the community. Widely publicized during the previous city administration, his efforts to work with other council members, Republican and Democrat alike, to curb and control wasteful ventures speaks volumes for this ability.

An Indiana University graduate and lifelong resident, Hayes understands the need to diversify the business base in Howard County to save and create good jobs. An advocate of common sense government, Bob Hayes has the experience and ability to work with officials in both county and city government to eliminate wasteful spending and duplication of efforts.

For the betterment of our community, I urge you to vote for Bob Hayes for Howard County commissioner on Nov. 4.

Roger D. Schwartz


Keep Sheila Pullen working for us all

In just a short time, Howard County voters will select candidates for national, state and local offices. In addition to selecting candidates, voters living within Center Township will be asked to answer a question that will determine the fate of the Center Township assessor’s office. The question will be the last item on the ballot for Center Township voters.

Sheila Louks Pullen has 14 years of experience as our Center Township assessor. Mrs. Pullen has the responsibility of assessing the majority of commercial properties located in Howard County. Her duties are extremely important for the economic well-being of our county. Pullen has been a dedicated public servant, with more than a decade of experience. I am not in favor of eliminating the Center Township assessor’s office. The ballot question will read, “Should the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township be transferred to the county assessor?” I am asking Center Township voters to answer no to the question.

It is important that Center Township voters not overlook this question, as the future of the Center Township assessor’s office has been placed in their hands. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. Voting to abolish the Center Township assessor’s office would be a mistake. Simply put, good government functions best with good people. I am asking voters in Center Township to keep Sheila Louks Pullen working for all of us.

Marshall D. Talbert

County sheriff

What about victim’s rights?

In an article in the Oct. 16 Kokomo Tribune (page A8) stating that “ACLU complains of treatment of death row inmates” really got to me.

This has to be the most appalling story I have read in recent days. Stating that the letter to Harley Lappin, director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, says that inmates are subjected to intense noise that results in sleep deprivation and “significant psychological distress” just really burned me up!

What about the victims? How about their significant psychological distress in not seeing their loved one in his lifetime again? Going to see them in a wall, or a ground grave? Doesn’t that qualify for significant distress? I guess not, if someone is looking out for the criminals instead of the victims.

I’m sure that the inmates didn’t get to death row because of speeding tickets! They most likely got there by killing people, and they want to be cared for?

I say, they didn’t think of the victim’s rights, so why should we think about theirs?

Doug Hopkins


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