Quietly say thank you

As we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day, I ask that we not forget our veterans and the servicemen and servicewomen who are presently serving our country.

These men and women are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

They serve here at home and abroad to protect us. They know that their mission requires being away from Kokomo as they serve our country.

It is absolutely incumbent upon all of us to work for a better Indiana so that their service is not in vain. That’s why we must protect the jobs that we have while working to create more, ensure that veterans’ benefits are maintained and support educational programs that will provide opportunities once they return from service to our country.

For those of us who were honored to serve our country and those who enjoy the freedoms gained by the service of those in the military, nothing would be more fitting on Veterans Day than to take a few minutes to quietly say thank you.

All of our veterans and servicemen and servicewomen deserve our thanks. America would not be the same without their service.

Ron Herrell


Ensure all avenues have been checked

Why do we need a new library? Is there a long line of patrons waiting to be served daily at the library? Has the library run out of space for new books or viewing material?

The first library that I can remember was at the southeast corner of Mulberry and Union streets. It was built in the early 1900s, and paid for in part with funds from the Carnegie Trust.

Our present library was built in the mid-1960s on the same site. At that time, using taxpayer money for libraries had to be approved by city or county councils in the state of Indiana.

The councils in some areas were very tight with money for libraries. Some areas were in dire need for library funding.

Later the state legislators enacted a law that allowed library boards to tax the taxpayers for library funds to build new libraries or expand old ones.

In my opinion the state legislators went from one extreme – too much control of the library board – to no control. Is there any set amount of money the library board can have in reserve? Do they have to answer to anyone?

... If there is such a great need for more space, why not expand the present library upward or to the east? In this way they could have all the windows they need.

If there is a need to expand our present library, I am all for it. But shouldn’t the library board use a little monetary restraint on its expenses?

I am sure that the members of the library board have put a lot of time and effort into this project and should be commended for their effort. I just wanted to be sure all avenues have been carefully looked into. After all, it is the taxpayers’ money.

Wm. J. Kuntz


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