Kokomo needs strong Republican like McKillip

As a former resident born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, I would like to voice my opinion about your current mayor. Even though I have not lived in Indiana for the past 14.5 years, I have kept up with the news there, especially since the newspaper started being published on the Internet. I have watched the current news concerning your current mayor, Matt McKillip, and wondered what kind of leader he really was for Kokomo.

After a recent trip back to Kokomo during the Thanksgiving holiday, I had an opportunity to talk with Mayor McKillip. I also got to see a lot of changes that had been made for the better around the city. Mayor McKillip is an honest, sincere man, full of integrity, that believes in making things better for the city of Kokomo. As a member of law enforcement here in Texas, I meet and talk with a lot of people and feel that, through the years of training and experience, I am pretty good at knowing people. Your mayor is a man that your Republican Party should be proud to have in office.

I am quite shocked at the wisdom of your out-going Republican chairman. I myself have been involved in the Republican Party here in Texas as a precinct chairman for the past few years. I have never heard our chairman come out and support any opponents in the Republican primaries. That is just not good business to go against the Republican incumbent if you are trying to build up your Republican stronghold. The time to support a candidate as the Republican chairman is during the general election. I do not know Mr. Bagwell at all, but after reading his comments over the past few months, I think he is badly mistaken and has spoken out of place as the Republican chairman. His attitude and poor leadership and anyone that takes his place with the same demeanor will ensure a turnaround for Kokomo back to the old Democratic Party.

I hope the residents of Kokomo realize all the good things that Mayor McKillip has done for your community when it comes time to go to the polls. Kokomo needs a strong Republican like him to keep the Republican Party strong in Kokomo.

May God bless the residents of Kokomo and Mayor Matt McKillip in his strong leadership of the Mayor’s Office.

Tim Rich

Denton, Texas

A letter city workers

didn’t get to read

I had been requested to write an article for the “First Friday” newsletter that is mailed to the city employees. The article below is my original letter. After turning it in I received a call from [Development Director] Jason Hester that it wouldn’t be published.

He informed me that it was not as upbeat as they would like and requested my permission to edit the letter before publishing it, and I denied.

I have always believed in freedom of speech and also freedom of the press. In my opinion I have only stated facts in this letter and it is as upbeat as I can make it:

‘City council highs, lows’

“When you think things can’t get any worse, they do. After going through what the mayor called a ‘financial crisis,’ contract negotiations were upon us. Since the administration was unable to come to a contract agreement with the police and fire unions, it went to arbitration for the first time in over 30 years. I commend all the departments for doing a good job during these difficult times.

“Then came the landlord ordinance, which was passed and now is about to be reopened as I write this because of language. You would think we would get a little breather and here comes the smoking ordinance, which has become very controversial.

“Last but not least, it has been very difficult when the mayor and his administration have refused to work with the council while we are trying to make difficult decisions for the benefit of the citizens of Kokomo.

“I am so glad the year is coming to an end and the holiday season is upon us, as it is my favorite time of year and my busiest with We Care Park. Don’t forget to come by, bring the kids and enjoy the lights, which will be turned on Thanksgiving night.”

Mike Wyant

City councilman

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