CAFO ‘mega-farm’ can happen to you

A little over three years ago, my husband was asked to attend a meeting at our neighbors’ house. Little did we know how much that meeting would change our lives. We live on a 50-acre farm just outside Winchester and were quite content until the “dairy farm” moved in 2,200 feet from our home. We were not asked if this was something we wanted. We were told it was going to happen!

Yes, life has changed! We walk outside to a stench in the air. We go inside and many times the stench is inside also. The stench comes in through the furnace and clothes dryer vent. Many times I have washed clothes over to remove the smell. We constantly worry what this stench is doing to our health.

Our property value on our home has decreased. Who would want to live with the stench, day and night? Our well water was tested before the “dairy” was built and was satisfactory. We are about to test it again to make sure we are not drinking the dairy waste.

If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. Very few counties in Indiana have safeguards in place. We went to many meetings of our commissioners and zoning board to no avail. So far, nothing has been implemented to safeguard our lives against mega-farms. There are two bills currently being debated in the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives that could help our situation. These bills are Senate Bill 431 and House Bill 1197. Please go to and read about these bills before the legislature regarding CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) and let your senators and representatives know your feelings.

Judy Hutchison, Winchester

Library board, don’t raise our taxes

I’ve had it with the library board.

You’re not elected, no more taxes. You don’t have to justify your jobs to me. You can all resign. I’ll sign the first petition that comes along.

Stop now.

Don Sinclair, Kokomo

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