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Saturday, 01.31.09

Saturday was the first official day of the challenge. For our first day, we ran the Obstacle Course of Death, which nearly claimed the lives of three Challengers. (OK, maybe none of the injuries were life-threatening.)

We ran around three poles, went over six cute little orange cones in whatever fashion we chose, up and over two Death Boxes standing a couple feet high, hopped on one leg, went under a short doorway made of risers and benches undoubtedly stolen from a distracted aerobics instructor, and then — if you weren’t dead — picked up a medicine ball and ran back.

It wasn’t that bad really. I left the gym thinking, “Hey, I might be able to do this.”

Monday, 02.02.09

It’s me!!! I’m the first person to cry in Fitness Challenge 2009!!! Reality TV, here I come.

Aww, the difference 48 hours makes. I left the gym Monday with a whole new, extremely negative attitude, thinking “I don’t think I can do this. What on Earth am I doing in this competition?”

Team Pink — we’re in the process of coming up with a “funner” name — had its first training session today with Christy. It was hella hard. I did not enjoy myself ... at all ... not even a little.

What got me was the core work. My core died long ago, kids. We did this evil thing called “bridge curls.” Here’s how it works. You lie on your back with your calves resting on a ball. After lifting your hips off the ground, you proceed to roll the ball into your butt and back out without dropping your hips. You’re supposed to do this more than once. That’s where the problem was for me.

In that moment, it became painfully clear to me that I had a lot of catching up to do to keep up with my teammates, The Bionic Woman (Heather) and Super Woman (Caren).

Tuesday, 02.04.09

My co-workers are evil. I don’t remember them talking this much about food before I started the challenge. So far today, they’ve talked about Girl Scout cookies, french fries, ice cream trucks and potato chips. I think they’re taunting me.

While they’re yacking about all this, I’m logging my foods on Leanness Lifestyle, which I’m still trying to master. As I input that I ate an orange, I watch a reporter walk in with a McDonald’s bag and pop. She’s so fired.

Also, I look like a 90-year-old walking around the office today. Not only am I wearing slippers, I’m getting lapped by co-workers on the way to the printer. Every muscle in my body hurts, and I’m exhausted.

Wednesday, 02.05.09

Well, today was our second day of training with Christy. Believe it or not, I had a blast. It seems my team and trainer share my habit of hanging out in the gutter. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a team name that’s too dirty to print here. But, we’re keeping it because we like it!

Anyway, the laughing made the hard work more bearable. We did arms, legs and core work, but I most tell you about the tire.

The glorious tire exercise.

You take a sledge hammer and hit a huge tractor tire as hard as you can. Ten reps with each arm. After I got over my initial fear of the hammer bouncing back and busting my skull open, I was good to go. I didn’t want to stop at 10 reps, but my heart was pounding so hard it was probably a good idea. I’m not going to tell what I was thinking about as I slammed that hammer into the poor tire.

I think today went better because I focused more on what I could do and not what I couldn’t do. I also talked to Christy more about how I was doing and what I didn’t feel comfortable with during the workout. That helped make the workout more suitable for me.

Oh, who am I kidding, the tire made today better!

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