Rockers for Knockers. It’s a funny name for a serious cause.

Fourteen years ago, local musician Mike Milligan was talking with his friends about starting a fundraiser to support breast cancer awareness programs. They jokingly came up with the name Rockers for Knockers, and the name has endured. Each year since, Milligan and his family have hosted concerts to raise money for program that support mammograms for local residents.

Milligan focuses on this cause because breast cancer has affected several members of his family. His grandmother, his wife’s grandmother and his sister-in-law have all dealt with the disease. In fact, his grandmother was the one who gave the thumbs up for the name of the fundraiser.

“We were kind of shocked when she said ‘go for it,’” Milligan said.

His grandmother and sister-in-law come the event every year, and Milligan said they’re often the ones greeting people at the front door.

Rockers for Knockers is a family affair, with Milligan’s son, father, brother and nephew performing. The show’s opener, Armstrong Street, is made up of Milligan’s son and nephew.

“They’re kind of a satirical comedy musical duo, like Bo Burnham or Tenacious D,” Milligan said. Their performance is also clean and family-friendly.

Milligan’s father’s band, Milligan Stew, lives up to the name, with several Milligan family members performing together. Then, Milligan’s own band, Steam Shovel, will perform. Eye of Opus, an local band playing original hefty rock, will close out the evening. Between acts, Muse Carnivale belly dancers will perform.

“They sometimes use swords, they use modern music, they get people up to dance with them,” Milligan said. “They’re very entertaining.”

All of the event’s proceeds go to the local hospitals to support programs that provide free or discounted mammograms.

“I’m not a doctor, I’m not a physician,” Milligan said. “But I’m a musician, and I can organize events. This is like my super power and my way of giving back.”

Milligan stressed that people can continue to give to the hospitals’ mammogram programs even outside of attending this event, and he hopes people will consider supporting the cause locally.

“We’ve all been affected by cancer and breast cancer,” Milligan said.

Rockers for Knockers takes place Saturday at the Phi Delta Kappa Concert House, located at 2401 Saratoga Ave. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the event will run until about 10:30. Tickets are $10, and food and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

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