Community Health Network is partnering with Chicago-based VillageMD to create a new model of healthcare delivery that will improve the quality of patient care and significantly reduce healthcare costs, while providing primary care physicians the tools to focus on their patients.

The joint venture is called Primaria Health LLC and is the first of its kind in the state. Doug Stratton — a longtime healthcare executive who previously served as the CEO of Principal Healthcare of Indiana and president and CEO of Cigna of Kansas and Missouri — is the CEO of Primaria, effective Sept. 1.

“Community Health Network has long recognized that the status quo in healthcare is not sustainable,” said Bryan Mills, president and CEO of Community. “The current fee-for-service model, a system in which people seek care when they are sick, not only is costly, it frequently does not yield the best outcomes for patients. Our strategy is a value-based model of care for patients, which will improve their outcomes and drive down healthcare costs.”

Primaria Health will provide services to Community and independent providers across a 38-county area of Central Indiana, managing the population health process so that physician time is focused on patient care and engagement with other physicians.

“Community Health Network has been on the forefront of finding new care models that improve patients’ health and outcomes,” said Stratton. “This new model places a priority on primary care, early intervention and disease prevention. We believe that with the help of targeted care teams, data infrastructure and analysis, we can keep people at their optimum health and avoid unnecessary services. Being able to address problems before they require emergency care is at the heart of the new model developed by Primaria.”

Physicians will have access to proven processes and technology that have demonstrated significant clinical improvements in patients dealing with diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary artery disease (CAD), and other complicated health conditions. These resources include sophisticated data analysis to identify patients most at risk for a variety of health conditions and complications, as well as those living with chronic conditions; behavioral health management; and resources addressing medication management challenges that require improved coordination of services. Primaria will begin providing services to Community primary care physicians on Oct. 1.

“VillageMD prides itself on the ability to partner with forward-thinking primary care providers, who are aligned around a clinical care model that improves not only the health of those patients living with chronic and debilitating illness, but also focuses on wellness and prevention,” said VillageMD CEO Tim Barry. “The result of this proactive approach is a reduction in avoidable admissions and readmissions. With its vibrant primary care base, and leadership conviction toward a better model of care delivery, Community is the ideal partner for this venture. Community’s doctors, along with independent primary care physicians across Central Indiana, will serve as the foundation for a physician-led network that drives quality and cost improvements.”

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