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Like many famous comics, Jo Koy had early struggles at comedy clubs. But, unlike them, the half white and half Filipino comedian could only seem to book spots on ethnic theme nights like “Wonton Wednesdays” and “Asian Invasion.”

Want to have a good, spooky time without things being too scary? Kendall Family Farm Adventures Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch has everything in one spot during its Halloween Bash. 

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know anything about the vendors that offer services for the big day. Couples will make dozens of decisions during the planning process —and just one bad choice could lead to a flaw in an otherwise perfect day.

OK, I need you to stop reading for a second. Put the Friday edition down and go get a pair of scissors and a folder. You better cut out this recipe and save it because it is the very last time you will see my pudding cookie recipe in print!

I’ve always been terrible at saying goodbye. It must be some kind of Midwestern thing, where we all stand by the door, drawing out the conversation until we can no longer postpone the inevitable.

Hip-hip hooray — Easter is on its way! Whether you are a parent of small children or an adult looking for an Easter egg hunt just for you, there are plenty of Easter-related activities happening over the next two weekends.