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I’ve always been terrible at saying goodbye. It must be some kind of Midwestern thing, where we all stand by the door, drawing out the conversation until we can no longer postpone the inevitable.

Hip-hip hooray — Easter is on its way! Whether you are a parent of small children or an adult looking for an Easter egg hunt just for you, there are plenty of Easter-related activities happening over the next two weekends.

As I have mentioned in several previous columns, I started watching superhero movies nearly 6 years ago when I met my husband Scott. He’s always been a huge Marvel Comics fan — and will grudgingly watch DC movies, too — so I started sharing in his interest.

We are all guilty of spending too much time streaming television and movies on Netflix during our free time. But for kids, too much screen time can actually be detrimental for their brain development and overall health.

Eastern junior and senior high students have been busy for months preparing to present the musical “Hello, Dolly!” this weekend. This year, 145 students make up the cast and crew. 

Your palms are sweaty and you nervously pick the hot pink nail polish off your thumb. There’s your crush, walking down the junior high hallway with his swoopy hair and Abercrombie polo. You, in your American Eagle hoodie, hide behind your Lisa Frank binder.

Tired of waiting for the next season of “Dancing with the Stars” to premiere on ABC? Well you’re in luck — Kokomo’s own Dancing with the Stars competition is returning on Saturday, featuring five new celebrity couples.