Malachi Wiley has always liked to dance. Just listening to the radio made the 16-year-old junior at North Miami High School start to dance. That led him to start learning hip hop tricks by watching YouTube videos and mimicking their moves, and his dedication to the craft recently placed him in the Top 10 of the National Fine Arts dance competition.
Now, Wiley is in his fifth year of taking dance lessons at the Ballet Arts of Peru. But this year, he isn't  just taking classes. He’s teaching them too. Wiley is the youngest instructor to ever teach a class, called Hip Hop with Malachi, at the Peru dance institution. One class is for boys 6-11, called Funky Fellas, and the other is for boys 12 and older, called Players Paradise. So far, he said, it’s been amazing. “There are barriers that come with being a male dancer,” he said. “I want to break those barriers in the community and give these kids a safe space.”