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Julie Jargon is a reporter with the Wall Street Journal. Heretofore, she has written about food companies like Starbucks and McDonalds. As of April 2, however, Ms. Jargon is writing a WSJ column titled “Family and Tech,” described as dealing with “the impact of technology on family life.”

Spring is finally here but I hope you have not forgotten about the New Year’s Resolutions you made back in January! If your goals for the New Year have not been as successful as you had hoped, that’s OK! Here are some tips from Registered Dietitian, Megan Allen, to help you get back on track…

OK, I need you to stop reading for a second. Put the Friday edition down and go get a pair of scissors and a folder. You better cut out this recipe and save it because it is the very last time you will see my pudding cookie recipe in print!

Ah, this spring weather gets me going. I can't wait to start planting the garden. Daniel plowed our garden plot a couple days ago in hopes to have it dry out faster. Digging deeper by plowing also helps some of those buried nutrients to get closer to the surface where the plants will take be…

Life can be so demanding. There are so many challenges always coming our way. There are so many competing issues seeking “equal time” from us. The time comes when we simply have to take time to “center” on just what really is important in our life and what is not as urgent as it seems.

For one of my last recipes to give to you all, I’m going to share one that first appeared in Heartland Magazine back in 2017.

Dietary supplement use has significantly increased in recent years, bringing with it much controversy over the risks and benefits. The need for safe and research-based decisions in dietary supplement management brings to light the following questions.

The Wall Street Journal recently (3/16/2019) printed a letter-to-the-editor in which Upland, California psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Charlene Moskovitz promotes the alleged benefits of medication and psychotherapy for children diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD (and, presumably, other…

Today is one of those special days that makes me want to hang around Daniel as much as possible. It’s our wedding anniversary. Nine years ago we were both just bursting with joy, the vows of loving and caring for each other had been exchanged. Next came the long-awaited moment as Grandpa Mas…

Spring break is a wonderful time for rest and relaxation…unless you are working full-time like most of us. But, even if we don’t get a “spring” break, many of us have vacations scheduled just around the corner.

How many of you started January 1st with a kick butt New Year’s resolution? How many of you are still going after that resolution? How many are currently thinking what resolution?

To the many readers who recently asked: Yes, I do take requests, and yes, I will riff on the Perpetually Beautiful People Who Laid Out Mega-Bribes to Guarantee That Their Beautiful and Everlastingly Entitled Bratz Get into the College of Their Choice Scandal.

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