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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Tips when picking firewood

It’s important to use only “seasoned” firewood when making a fire, since the excess moisture in “green” wood can make it burn inefficiently and not as clean. But how can you tell if the firewood you have is actually seasoned? Start by looking at the ends of the log: Are they dark in color and cracked? If so, it’s dry. Then lift the wood: Is it lighter than a freshly cut piece of wood around the same size? Does it make a hollow sound when you hit two pieces of firewood together? If so, it’s perfect for your fireplace or firepit.

Food choices impact emissions

We have all heard that reducing our meat intake can have a profound impact on greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, according to Conservation International, our global food system contributes nearly 1/4 of those emissions. While a vegetarian diet is the greenest, it’s not the only choice. To reduce global warming, keep these numbers in mind: A 6-oz serving of beef equates to 330 grams of CO2. Compare that to chicken (50 grams), fish (40 grams) and vegetables, which come in at just 14 grams. Switching from beef to chicken or fish is one easy way to help reduce emissions.


Cities where people are moving

Relocation services provider Updater looked at 1 million movers during the pandemic, and compared the figures to the same time period in 2017-19 to come up with a list of cities with the most inbound growth in 2020

1. Greenville, N.C.

2. Las Vegas

3. Tallahassee, Fla.

4. Denver

5. Spokane, Wash.

6. Nashville, Tenn.

7. Raleigh, N.C.

8. Dallas

9. Phoenix

10. Wilmington, N.C.


By Chuck Sheppard

Desperate Times: Passers-by were reported to be incredulous at signs posted this fall outside Trillade elementary school in Avignon, France, asking parents to refrain from throwing their children over the locked gate when they are late to school. “Parents who arrived after the ringtone literally threw their children away,” Principal Sanaa Meziane told La Provence with a nervous laugh. “It hasn’t happened that many times ... but we preferred to take the lead.” While there were no injuries, the practice alarmed school officials enough to create the signs, which feature an adult stick figure tossing a child-sized stick figure over the gate.

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