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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Check for excess moisture

Even small amounts of excess moisture in the air can cause food spoilage, so it’s imperative to make sure your pantry is as dry as possible. To see if your pantry passes the test, tape a sheet of aluminum foil on the inside of a pantry wall that faces an exterior side of the house. Leave the sheet hanging for a few days, then peel the foil off the wall and quickly examine it; if there is any condensation on the side that faced the pantry wall, there is excess outside moisture. On the other side, it’s excess moisture in the air.

Use houseplants for humidity

It’s called “the jungle effect,” and it’s a simple way to create warmer air inside your home with just the power of plants. When you keep a nice collection of houseplants inside your home, they release moisture vapor into the air, which in turn boosts humidity levels in your home. Dry winter air can cause cracked or dry skin and irritated throats, so the extra moisture from houseplants actually can help you look and feel better. And that moisture traps heat, which helps keep your home feeling warmer, too.


Cities with the biggest gender pay gap

Credit and savings building company Self Financial analyzed the latest data on earnings from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine thegender pay gap in metro areas of one million people or more.

1. San Jose, Calif. - 72.7% as much as men

2. Detroit - 74.0%

3. Salt Lake City - 74.7%

4. St. Louis - 75.0%

5. Seattle - 76.1%

6. Pittsburgh - 76.3%

7. Indianapolis - 76.5%

8. Virginia Beach, Va. - 77.2%

9. Oklahoma City - 77.3%

10. New Orleans - 78.3%


By Chuck Sheppard

Recurring Themes: More than 22,000 votes were cast in the race for mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, on Nov. 3, and the winner, with 13,143 of those votes, was Wilbur Beast, a French bulldog, Fox News reported, beating out Jack Rabbit the beagle and Poppy the golden retriever. Rabbit Hash’s mayoral election is a fundraiser for the town historical society, with each dollar buying one vote. Mayor Beast’s spokesperson/owner, Amy Noland, thanked his supporters for their vote of confidence and encouraged them to reach out on social media, where Beast will be “all ears.”

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