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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Check fridge for meal ideas

How many times have you forgotten about something in your refrigerator, and by the time you remember it, it’s spoiled and you have to toss it out? Before running to the grocery store to pick up food, try to use what’s in your fridge for a meal. Make it a challenge: Do the “clear the shelf” game, where you have to completely empty out a shelf to make a meal. It’s easy to come up with crowd-pleasing meals like soup, stir fry or a frittata. You’ll save money and cut down on food waste.

Air fryer is fast and efficient

Air fryers are all the rage right now, and you might wonder: Are they energy-efficient? The answer is yes, since air fryers use hot air with very little oil to cook whatever you’re crisping up. And because they are significantly smaller than an oven, they also take very little time to heat up from room temperature to literally hundreds of degrees. In fact, in the time it can take to preheat an oven, an air fryer can cook an entire dinner. And unlike deep-frying, there’s no waste oil to dispose of when you’re finished.


Top 10 states with most boats per capita

According to, using data from the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Census Bureau, the top 10 recreational boating states, based on registered watercraft per 100,000 people, are:

1. Minnesota - 14,505

2. South Carolina - 11,161

3. Wisconsin - 10,444

4. North Dakota - 8,809

5. Maine - 8,397

6. Michigan - 8,066

7. New Hampshire - 7,077

8. Alaska - 6,887

9. Montana - 6,822

10. Louisiana - 6,790


By Chuck Sheppard

Don’t Go There: A papier-mache statue of a stegosaurus, placed outside the Cubic Building in a suburb of Barcelona, Spain, had an odorous secret, The Washington Post reported. On May 22, a father and son who were admiring the statue noticed a foul stench coming from it and peered into a crack in the dinosaur’s leg. There they saw the body of a man. The 39-year-old was reported missing just hours before he was discovered; the local police said they don’t suspect foul play. Instead, they believe the man dropped his phone in the statue’s leg and tried to retrieve it, becoming stuck headfirst. He may have been in the statue for a couple of days, authorities said.

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