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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Use banana peel on fruit flies

Got annoying fruit flies in the kitchen? Trap them with the help of an old banana peel. Simply take a large plastic container (like an empty quart-size yogurt container) and punch a few small holes in the lid using a nail and hammer. Then place the banana peel inside and seal it shut. The scent of rotting, sugary fruit will attract the flies, which will crawl through the holes and then be unable to get back out. After a few days, empty the peel and bugs into the compost and place the plastic container in the recycling bin.

Cut back on refrigerator output

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates a typical refrigerator accounts for around 10 to 15 percent of an entire household’s energy usage every single month. If you’re going away for an extended period of time, one of the best things you can do is power off your refrigerator. After it’s emptied out, simply flip the switch in the circuit breaker box to shut off the power. If this isn’t possible, the next-best thing is to increase the fridge temperature to 42 degrees. That’s cool enough to preserve food and get maximum energy efficiency.


Greenest states

To highlight the greenest states and call out those doing a poor job of caring for the environment, personal finance site WalletHub compared each of the 50 states on key metrics, including eco-friendly behaviors, climate-change contributions and environmental quality.

1. Vermont

2. New York

3. Oregon

4. Connecticut

5. Minnesota

6. Massachusetts

7. California

8. Rhode Island

9. South Dakota

10. New Hampshire

40. Indiana


By Chuck Sheppard

Weird Science: In Cachoeira Alta, Brazil, Judge Filipe Luis Peruca handed down an unusual judgment in a paternity case that involved identical twin potential fathers. The mother of a young girl filed a paternity suit against Twin A, who accused Twin B of being the actual father, reported the BBC. DNA tests showed an equal probability for the two men to be the father, so Judge Peruca ordered them both to pay maintenance for the daughter. As a result, she will receive twice as much as she would with only one father. “One of them is acting in bad faith in order to hide the fact that he is the father,” the judge wrote. “Such vile behavior cannot be tolerated by the law.”

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