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Ways to Live to 100

A list collected by Men’s Journal looks at the current science on the habits of people who not only live longest, but who also live best.

• Drink tea. Besides being the most widely consumed beverage on the planet, tea is also very likely the healthiest. With its abundant polyphenols and phytonutrients, tea, when sipped regularly, helps reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, and several types of cancer. You should know that all of these researched health benefits are only for green, black, white, and oolong teas, which come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal teas may not contain any real tea at all.

• Be an optimist. Attitude really can be everything: After reviewing over 160 studies about happiness and longevity, researchers concluded that thinking about your life in an optimistic way is linked to a longer life span — even more so than obesity is tied to a shorter life span. According to the researchers, self-willed positive thinking helps you de-stress, manage depression, anxiety and anger — thereby reducing the risk of inflammation, heart disease, and other cardiovascular issues, which can often grow out of these conditions.


The States Where Millennials are Moving

SmartAsset used Census Bureau data to find where exactly millennials are moving. They looked at incoming and outgoing people for all 50 states from ages 20 to 34 tom come up with a net migration number. Here are the results:

1. Washington - 36,257 net gain

2. Texas - 24,734

3. Colorado - 21,229

4. Arizona - 20,965

5. North Carolina - 18,824

6. Oregon - 12,516

7. Georgia - 11,877

8. Nevada - 10,381

9. Tennessee - 7,608

10. New Hampshire - 6,719


By Chuck Sheppard

Bright Ideas: In Scotland, Zoe Archibald, 34, thought it would be fun to take a ride in a child’s Little Tikes red and yellow car on June 7. When she couldn’t get in the plastic car in the conventional way, she put it over her head, Fox News reported — and then got stuck. “There was no way she could get herself out,” her nephew, Matthew Shepherd-Bull, said. After being trapped for about an hour, her father finally cut her out of the toddler conveyance with a butter knife. “Everyone found it funny, even Zoe,” Shepherd-Bull said. “She was a bit panicked but mainly found it funny.”

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