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Movements everyone should be able to do

No matter if your fitness level, there are a few moves everyone should be able to do with ease. They serve as a foundation for everything else. Here’s one of those moves along with common mistakes, courtesy of

Forearm Plank

Why? Assess core strength.

How-To: From a facedown position, use your forearms and toes to lift your entire body off the ground. Engage your core, and keep elbows directly under your shoulders and forearms and hands parallel. Maintain a neutral neck position, keeping your back flat and ankles flexed at 90-degree angles.

•Common Mistake: You hike your hips.

What It Means: Whether your hips sag or you hike them, the issue is basically the same: a lack of core strength.

• Common Mistake: Your shoulders are not directly over your elbows.

What It Means: Leaning back, so that your elbows are more forward, might feel easier, but it’s actually putting excessive strain on your shoulders. It also means you’re not engaging the muscles that surround your shoulder blades (i.e. not ‘packing’ them), and the muscles of your shoulder girdle may be weak.


Sexiest States In The U.S.

Global travel site Big 7 Travel surveyed its social media audience to get an insight into where you’ll find the America’s most beautiful people.

1. Illinois

2. Colorado

3. Florida

4. California

5. Hawaii

6. Texas

7. Pennsylvania

8. Louisiana

9. Massachusetts

10. New York

25. Indiana


By Chuck Sheppard

Weird Science: In the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, 74-year-old Mangayamma Yaramati gave birth to twin girls on Sept. 5. Yaramati and her 82-year-old husband had wanted children for years, but they had been unable to conceive. “We tried many times and saw numerous doctors,” Yaramati said. “So this is the happiest time of my life.” The Washington Post reported that Yaramati had already gone through menopause, so a donor’s egg was fertilized with her husband’s sperm, then implanted in her uterus. Her doctors, who claimed she is the oldest person in the world to give birth, delivered the twins via cesarean section.

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