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Some of our most prized possessions came to us after someone else had already had their fun with them. Many of us even actively search for such lost treasures at thrift shops, yards sales, secondhand stores and the like. So, we wanted to know: “What is the best used item you’ve ever purchased? Why?”

Your answers

“American Girl Doll bed for my daughter. Got it for $5.99 when it cost $135 if ordered from the store. And the funny thing is, Goodwill marked it as night stand.” — Brittany Olivarez

“Love seat. Never been loved on.” — Scott Ewing

“Two We Care cookbooks — an original red and a white classic — for $8.99 each, at the Kokomo Goodwill.” — AnnMarie Hartman Adams

“A rolling pin. I use it to make noodles for my family, which is a rare but a welcome treat.” — Jackie McMillian Dodd

Our answers

“Great question. I’ve been frequenting yard sales and secondhand stores all my life, way back before it was considered hip or cool, out of necessity when times were tougher growing up. I’ve picked up a lot of great stuff over the years, from Apollo 11 moon landing souvenir glasses (which I’ve never used since first having them as a kid), to several vintage Izod shirts and sweaters, to a classic Intellivison video game system still in the box with games and instructions, but nothing comes to mind as simply the best of the best. It’s all one big blur of consumerism. Maybe this should be about what I most regret selling in a yard sale instead. That would be easy. In my short-sided zest for quick cash, I must have sold nearly every toy I spent hours enjoying as a kid. Some of the biggest regrets would be getting rid of my collection of Six Million Dollar Man characters including the robot Bigfoot, and my original Star Wars figures. But, without a doubt, the one that gets me to this day was selling off my set of Shogun Warrior robots. Those guys were from Japan and were like giant precursor to Transformers. Heck, I even had the Godzilla toy with the hand that shot off and the tongue that flicked in and out. What was I thinking? I probably spent the money buying parachute pants that were all the (short-lived) rage.” — Rodney Ogle

“My husband and I found an old cast iron roasting pan with a lid that’s about 50 years old. We’ve used it for everything including holiday dinners and camping. It’s great and the best $10 I ever spent.” — Robin Harper

“My parents bought me a green Schwinn when I was 15 1/2. I still have that bike — and it’s now 40 years old.” — Sarah Einselen

“I’ve always loved going to Goodwills and thrift shops. I have so many finds which are special to me it’s hard to pick just one. I did once find a signed copy of a David Sedaris hardback first edition at a Goodwill, which was pretty exciting. In high school, I purchased a set of PA speakers for $10. I used them in two bands I was in and had them for years after. When I sold on consignment at a music shop years later after moving to California I made something like $200.” — Rob Burgess

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