BOO: Reader Jennifer Powell Luckey sent us this photo of her favorite Halloween costume from the past: a witch.

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Halloween is still a few weeks away, but there’s no time like the present to start getting your costume together. This is especially true if you’re planning on an elaborate get-up of any kind. So, this week we wanted to know: "What is the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?"

Your answers

“A witch.” — Jennifer Powell Luckey [See photo]

“I was 8 months pregnant and I was a nun.” — Jessica Rodda Campbell

“I wrapped myself in cardboard with my belly hanging out and went as a busted can of biscuits.” — Ira Hicks

Our answers

“Halloween was always a big deal in the town where I grew up. Our street had some of the nicer houses, and kids would flock to our street to get candy and to show off our costumes. My Grandmother, who was a great seamstress, lived across the street, and she would often help my mom and I construct our costumes. Over the years, I was dressed as many people — Indiana Jones, Batman, Hulk — but the one that appeared the most often and was my favorite as a kid was when I was able to wear a Superman costume. My first Superman costume is still my favorite one to look back on: my Mom and Grandmother made the cape, and I cut out and created the 'S' shield. Looking at the photos from that Halloween, you can tell that I was clearly enjoying it. I hope to be able to do something similar for my children someday.” — Patrick M. McCauley

“The best costume I ever wore has to be the two different ones my Mom and I created during my late grade school years. One was made with a brown paper grocery sack, lots of tin foil, milk jug caps and other assorted items. The end result was a rather crude robot. The next year we put together an oversized monster mask by applying papier-mâché to a giant balloon as the basis for the costume. I remember painting it red, putting horns on it and using (once again) found items, including a pair of L’eggs pantyhose egg capsules as the eyes. Each time, I was picked on at school for not buying one of those stupid store-bought costumes, but I was proud of what we put together and am pretty sure everyone was just jealous of my sweet skills with scissors and paintbrush.” — Rodney Ogle

“I honestly don’t remember most of the Halloween costumes I donned in my youth. Maybe because I just saw a photo of it, but the most memorable one was from when I was 9 years old. The movie ‘The Last Boy Scout’ had just been released. (I wasn’t allowed to see the movie at the time, and I still haven’t seen it to this day.) At the time, I was Webelos Scout. I also had a clear, bearded mask which made me look like a horrific old man. It was more of a marriage of convenience than anything, but I put the two together and became The Last Boy Scout.” — Rob Burgess

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