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On Tuesday, a band of newly-minted high school graduates in Santa Barbara, California decided to give their principal a “special send-off.”

“A group of Santa Barbara High School seniors decided to take their prank to another level, hiring a mariachi band to follow their principal around campus,” reported Veronica Rocha of The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “Principal John Becchio got a surprise when he walked into his office about 7:15 a.m. Tuesday and saw the four-piece band inside.”

A video of the prank went viral and has to date garnered over a million views on YouTube. Senior pranks like this are a yearly tradition in many schools around the country. So, we wanted to know: “When you were graduating high school, did your class pull a senior prank? If so, what was it and how well did it work? If not, did you hear of any other older or younger students pulling a final stunt?”

Your answers

“Three thousand crickets ran down the hallways on the last day of school. The guys also took down the steps of the main stairway.” — Lindsay Parks

“No. We had respect for our school.” — Randy Cauthern

“The … Class of ‘68. Can’t disclose the details.” — Greg Stevens

“I really don’t know, but I’m the class of ’95.” — Jessica Becerra

“We hid the Wildcat on top of the elevator, and then when everybody [was] yelling about it we put it back out by the front door.” — Pete Smith

Our answers

“My class (Tri-Central ’11) did not pull a senior prank. We were not nearly creative enough for that. ;)” — Hillarie Hazelton

“The three I remember witnessing were:

1) Kids stealing all the Realtors' signs they could find and planting them on the front lawn of the school.

2) Using cinder blocks to build a three-foot wall across the school drive.

3) Releasing a greased pig into the school hallway. The greased pig happened my senior year.” — Scott Smith

“Last year’s senior class in Logansport had a huge cow moved from the local burger joint Happy Burger to the entrance of the school gym, 'The Berry Bowl.' It was a big deal as the cow is like a 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide and had never been moved from the restaurant since it was placed there, which was, like, 40 years ago. Everyone showed up to school that morning with the cow in front of the entrance. :) Quite funny.” —Kris Cree

“My senior class did a harmless senior prank. About 60 or so seniors set up camping tents in front of the school after hours and slept overnight. They had a cookout, music, games, slip and slide and other fun activities. The school’s principal wasn’t too happy when he pulled into the parking lot the following morning and saw dozens of tents with sleeping students inside.” — Lainey Pemberton

“I feel like there had to have been one, but for the life of me I can’t remember what I was. (I think I was so elated with the thought of being done with high school I couldn’t be bothered.) However, there is a tradition at Mitchell High School where the graduating students participate in a senior parade on the last day of school. They drive trucks, cars, farm equipment and anything else motorized with wheels through town. Then, they would take up residence in the parking lot of the First Church of God across the street from the school’s back entrance. The seniors would then pelt every car driving by on North 12th Street with water balloons, toilet paper and every other imaginable projectile. Windshields were broken. Feeling were hurt. Cops were called. I was both a victim (as an undergraduate) and perpetrator (as a senior) and I’m told this tradition still goes on to this day. I can’t believe it hasn’t been shut down.” — Rob Burgess

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