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Who doesn’t need another holiday? The only question is, who or what to honor. So, we wanted to know: “If you could make one day of the year a paid holiday which isn’t one now, which one would you pick and why? And how do you think we should celebrate this new holiday?” To narrow it down, let’s review the full list of already-approved federal holidays. (Several people suggested Veterans Day and 9/11, but they’re already on the list.):

• Jan. 1 — New Year’s Day

• Third Monday in January — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

• Third Monday in February — Presidents’ Day

• Last Monday in May — Memorial Day

• July 4 — Independence Day

• First Monday in September — Labor Day

• Second Monday in October — Columbus Day

• Nov. 11 — Veterans Day

• Fourth Thursday in November — Thanksgiving

• Dec. 25 — Christmas

Your answers

“March 20, Spring Cleaning Day. Clean the house all day.” — Josh Kinney

“I think we should have a ‘Thank You’ Thursday! Any month but November. So few of us use that phrase anymore.” — Donald E. Aaron

“A Friday in honor of a woman. There is not one paid holiday giving due honor to a female. A disgrace.” — Kathleen M. Haney

“KPD-KFD-EMS-Day. This is a day they should get their recognition for all they do for this city and citizens. Hold a meet and greet BBQ on the square, block party in their honor. It’s time we as a city get back in touch with all they do for us.” — Steve Steward

“Easter Sunday. Most important Christian holiday.Jesus Christ’s resurrection.” — Sandy Seals Beatty

Our answers

“Birthday! Nobody works on their birthday. New law.” — Pedro Velazco

“The first round of March Madness. There’s a bunch of games on from morning to night. That way people would not be calling in sick.” — Mike Fletcher

“May 9 is lost sock memorial day. I mean this isn’t just a national holiday, it’s an international holiday. As to what we should do on this day, burn the lost socks other match. That way your other sock is no longer alone in the world and your sock drawer is a little bit cleaner.” — Alicia Eltzroth

“My birthday. Because it’s today (May 15). And all this awesomeness deserves paid.” — Josh Sigler

“Election Day is a tempting choice, but I think giving everyone their individual birthdays off is the best. No one wants to work on their birthdays. Plus, it solves another problem I always have with holidays: Everyone being off at the same time. If everyone just had their own birthdays off separately, there’d be less chance of drunken mobs.” — Rob Burgess

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