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Well, even though it wasn’t much of a game Feb. 2, there’s always the commercials to console disappointed Super Bowl viewers. At least, that’s the hope, anyway. So, we wanted to know: “What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year?”

Your answers

“Bob Dylan for U.S.-made cars.” — Francine Polsky Jewett

“Honda, telling us to hug the ones we’re with.” — Ann McGrane Yetton

“The Mountain Dew commercial, duck hunting with the Dale Call.” — Victor Martinez

Our answers

“Of course being a Budweiser man, the only one I remember is the Bud horse with the small dog. The game was a blowout so I turned it off after the halftime.” — Mike Fletcher

“I didn’t see all of them, but of the ones I saw, RadioShack was the best funny one, and ‘Best Buds’ was the best serious one.” — Lindsey Ziliak

“I didn’t really watch the Super Bowl this year as I had to work, but from a marketing standpoint, I think the Esurance’s $1.5 million Twitter giveaway was ingenious. For the money they paid, I think they probably had more people talking about their product than any other.” — Rob Burgess

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