Howard County jail

Howard County Jail. File photo by Tim Bath.

Howard County is preparing for stage two in its six-figure project to replace the nearly three decade old roof at the county jail.

The roof over the jail’s administrative section, which houses the sheriff’s office and jail kitchen, is set to be replaced this year. The Howard County Commissioners heard bids at its regular meeting Monday of $226,900, $210,000 and $146,449.15 with additional costs if there’s any substrate work that needs to be done. The commissioners took the bids under advisement.

Last year the county completed stage one and replaced the roof over the booking area, the smallest section of the three-section jail.

Stage three includes the jail’s largest section – the jail pods and recreation area – and is scheduled to be replaced next year. Bill Stonestreet, Howard County maintenance superintendent, said he expects that section of the roof to cost around $300,000 to replace.

Stonestreet said it’s about time the county got around to fully replacing the jail’s roof. It’s current roof was rated for 20 years when it was installed. It’s now been 28 years.

Work on stage two was supposed to begin earlier this year in February, but the ongoing pandemic delayed it.

There aren’t major issues with the jail’s current roof, but since it is rubber it has begun to leak from the outer edges as it ages and shrinks.

“It’s not leaking bad, but we’re getting small ones,” Stonestreet said.

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