A cautious cat-lover will search for the perfect house in Kokomo on Saturday’s episode of “My First Home” on TLC.

The episode airs at noon and features Kokomo real estate agent Gena Martin and first-time homebuyer Steven Underwood.

In its description of the episode, TLC says, “a cautious cat-lover scours Kokomo for a new home for himself and his four cats, but his wariness gets in the way of his search, and he will have to change his attitude if he wants to close a deal and change.”

Martin said Underwood found a home. In fact, he closed on it before the show started filming. The episode is a re-enactment of his experience.

In the show, he looks at three houses. Two of them are homes he considered but didn’t buy, both of which were still on the market when the show filmed. The last is the home he bought.

Film crews got footage inside all three homes. In Underwood’s home, they got footage of what it looked like before he moved in by moving everything out of the house. Then they filmed what it looks like today.

What home he chose remains a mystery, though the show teases to his visit to a “purple palace.”

In the short preview, he is standing in front of a purple home with Martin and Jonathan Underwood.

It’s a 1,576-square-foot home with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It has space for his cats and computer business just like he wanted, it says in the preview.

In the clip, Martin asks him if he’s ready to go inside.

“Sure, but it’s kind of purple,” he says.

Martin said it has a big, extra room that she thought would be great for him.

“It’s still purple,” he replied. “I’m hoping it will be better than it looks on the outside.”

Once inside, though, he complains that the carpet is bad, the trim is old-looking and it smells kind of funny.

“Picky Steven came out right when we walked in the door,” Jonathan Underwood tells the cameras.

Lindsay Pyle at Posh Salon in Kokomo said Steven Underwood gets a mini makeover – a special feature of this episode.

She said she was really excited when TLC presented her with the opportunity to update his style.

“When Steven came in, he’d had the same hairstyle his entire life,” Pyle said. “We went with an updated look that suited his face shape.”

Martin said filming for the episode lasted about a week. She can’t wait to see it unfold on television this weekend.

“It was really fun,” she said. “[Steven] is actually a pretty funny guy.”

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