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Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter talks about the double murder investigation of Abigail (Abby) Williams and Liberty (Libby) German on April 22, 2019, at a press conference held in Delphi. A new sketch of the suspect and a video captured by Libby German before her death were released. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

More than 3,000 tips have been given to investigators about a 2017 Delphi double homicide after never-before-seen video footage and a new sketch were released in late April.  

Since a news briefing on April 22, a multi-agency task force has received more than 2,600 emails, 506 calls to the tip line and an additional 145 calls and/or walk-ins to local police departments and state police posts across Indiana, the Indiana State Police announced Monday.

Delphi Press Conf

A new sketch of a suspect in the 2017 Delphi double homicide was released April 22. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

Meanwhile, more than 42,000 tips have been provided since the inception of the email and tip-line after the February 2017 homicides of Delphi teenagers, Libby German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13. 

The ISP has encouraged people to “refrain from sending investigative information” and instead send tips “on possible suspects or information that can lead to the closure of the case."

Notable information about tips includes:

• Be as specific as possible in a description.

• Provide a name and age if possible.

• Provide a connection to Delphi and that person’s location or address at this time.

• Leaving information on how police can contact you for possible clarification of a tip is considered helpful but not required.

• Tips can remain anonymous.

Tips — “no matter how insignificant you feel it might be,” notes the ISP — can be sent by email at or by calling 844-459-5786.

Speaking at a press conference April 22 at the Canal Center in Delphi, ISP Superintendent Doug Carter told members of the media and a large gathering of community members the new information released was the result of thousands of hours of police work conducted by multiple agencies.

In the video, an unidentified man is walking along the Monon High Bridge area at the time the girls went missing, police said.

The footage was taken from German's cellphone, and Carter said it's the same image of an individual that was released to the public in photo form in March 2017. 

"Watch the person’s mannerisms as he walks," Carter said while the video aired behind him. "Do you recognize the mannerisms as someone that you might know? Remember he’s walking on the former railroad bridge. Because of the deterioration of the bridge, the suspect is not walking naturally in between the ties."

Police also released additional audio and a new sketch during the press conference of the person they believe to be responsible for the double homicide.

The sketch appears to show a man between the ages of 18-40 years of age, and police believe the new sketch is the same person who was on the bridge during the time German and Williams went missing. 

That newest sketch looks much different that the initial composite sketch released five months after the homicides.

The April sketch shows a clean-shaven, short-haired, younger-looking man, while the initial sketch showed a middle-aged man with different facial features, a goatee and a hat.

Carter has said the original sketch is now secondary to the newly released one, though he did not elaborate as to how and why the new sketch was created.

It was also revealed in April that the new sketch was created only days after the slayings, but police haven't said why it was kept under wraps for more than two years.

The audio includes additional sound before the suspect's voice can be heard saying, "Down the hill."

In addition, authorities have asked for the public's help in identifying the driver of a vehicle that was left abandoned in Delphi on Feb. 13, 2017, near the old CPS/DCS welfare building on the east side of County Road 300 North, near the Hoosier Heartland Highway, though a detailed description of that vehicle was not released. 

Throughout the news conference, Carter told the crowd police believe the person responsible in the double homicide has Delphi connections, whether that means living or working in the area or is just someone who regularly visits the community.

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