There has been no movement toward the town of Galveston joining the Logansport/Cass County Plan Commission.

Last month Galveston Town Council members told residents they would consider joining the alliance.

At that meeting local businessman Bruce Moss asked that the discussion be included on the June meeting agenda and council members agreed to consider the proposal.

The topic wasn’t included on the agenda and was not addressed by the council until discussions arose concerning the Logansport/Cass County Plan Commission, at last week’s meeting, when council members said they heard nothing from the Planning Commission.

Council members said county officials didn’t attend the town planning meeting. Board member John Hart said he expected a representative to be at the meeting on May 21.

When asked if they had received a letter from Stan Williams, executive director of the Planning Commission, board members said no letter was received.

Williams said Thursday he wasn’t informed of a Plan Committee meeting and wasn’t invited.

A letter was sent by Williams on May 14 with the understanding it would be provided to the Galveston planning committee.

The letter provided services that could be offered to Galveston in the area of planning and the cost of those services.

Services included: Reviews of land use applications; enforcement of building codes and zoning code ordinances; information for mapping; amended zoning codes; development of functional and neighborhood plans; long range planning; and support services.

The letter indicated the fee is based on population and the charge is $1 per resident paid to Logansport and Cass County.

“Some residents requested the town join the joint Plan Commission,” Williams said of the May meeting that he attended.

Williams said there has been no contact with Galveston officials since the May meeting.

The Logansport/Cass County Plan Commission oversees all of the county except for Galveston and Royal Center.

Residents have been attempting for more than a year to have the town council enforce ordinances dealing with abandoned structures, blocked sidewalks and unkempt property.

Their main concern is property owned by council member John Zook, which is located within one block of the town hall. The salvage business overflows from the property across the sidewalk to the street.

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