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As of 4:44 p.m. Sunday, another summer officially entered the history books. That means many people’s favorite time of year is now underway. So, we wanted to know: “Is autumn the best season? Why or why not?”

Your answers

“Fall is the best! Bonfires, football, colors, smells. The only thing that sucks about it is it doesn’t last long enough.” — Elizabeth Jane Massey

“Fall is the best season for me! Beautiful colors, chilly nights, spooky stories, Halloween, my birthday and both my sons’ birthdays, bonfires, football games. It’s just awesome!” — Ashley Reed

“Winter is best. Cold and snowy is what people like.” — Jim Hunt

“Autumn and spring are BEST! The temperature is just right; not too hot, not too cold. JUST RIGHT.” — Rosemary Martinez-Rutherford

“It’s NOT. It’s the prettiest but is ruined by what I know is coming behind it.” — Jim Kimener

“I hate to see summer go. As for fall, so-so. And I don’t like winter at all. Then comes spring which would bring summer, my favorite time of the year!” — D. Michael Gould

Our answers

“As a kid, summer was always my favorite time of the year because school was out and the warm weather allowed for a lot more time outside playing with friends. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love fall for the cooler temperatures and the start of football season.” — Josh Sigler

“Of course. The leaves are falling and the fish are biting. What more can you ask for? And, of course, it’s football season.” — Mike Fletcher

“Fall has always been my favorite time of year. You don’t need to bundle up, but you’re allowed to swath yourself in comfy materials: fleece and hoodies and jeans and boots. The trees are ablaze with the colors of sunset, fitting as the waning days give way to growing darkness. The summer’s labors turn to fruit and vegetable abundance and the garden’s gifts are never more flavorful. It’s a time to throw open the windows and let your home breathe before the shutting up of winter and a time to commune with the critters as they, too, prepare for the winter ahead.” — Jill Bond

“Autumn is the time when everything turns brown and dies. No, autumn is not the best season. Spring is the best season.” — Scott Smith

“Winter is the best season ‘cause it’s basketball season! I always think of the exact same thing: Rolling into Maconaquah on a frozen night in January or February for a middle-of-the-pack conference game. Driving conditions: bad. Slippery roads and parking lot? Yes. Don’t care. Once you get inside the gym it’s loud and warm and nothing outside those walls matters. Winter is the best. Fall is the prettiest. Winter is the best.” —Pedro Velazco

“Late spring/early summer will always be my favorite time of year. The lack of sunlight in the winter really wears on my emotions, so the dread of the impending darkness has dampened my love of the fall in the past. My wife, Ash, has always loved fall the best and she’s been gradually winning me over to her side over the years. And who knows? Maybe this winter I’ll finally break down and buy one of those UV lamps people in Alaska keep for the perma-darkness of their winters.” — Rob Burgess

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