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Who’s up for a trip to Cuba? Before the Cuban Revolution in the 1950s, this wasn’t such a ludicrous idea. For more than 50 years, though, travel and trade between the United States and Cuba has been restricted. That previously stagnant state of affairs looks to be rapidly changing.

"New travel and trade rules between the U.S. and Cuba have come into effect in the biggest policy shift between the two countries in more than 50 years," reported the BBC on Friday. "Measures include allowing U.S. citizens to use credit cards in Cuba and for U.S. businesses to export some technologies."

So, we wanted to know: “What do you think of our new stance on Cuba? Would you visit Cuba now if you had the opportunity?”

Your answers

“I have family going next month.” — Sean Webb

“I would go, especially to see their cars!” — Stephen Ewbank

“Overdue. Yes.” — Randy Hawkins

“I'd go in a second. Can't wait someday.” — Mike Barbre

Our answers

“I have enjoyed several trips to the Caribbean in the past, so I think I would consider a trip to Cuba if the price was comparable to other locales. I think it would be fascinating to see how a country would look that hadn’t changed much since the 1960s, so if I went, I would like to go sooner rather than later before the country became too modernized. If tourism with the U.S. becomes a large part of their economy, I would hope the safety factor would be addressed as that would be my only other major concern.” — Rodney Ogle

“It doesn’t have the same appeal now that I CAN go.” — Steve Mullen

“I'm for normal relations with Cuba because we have normal relations with plenty of countries that have had ugly internal revolutions, and normalizing relations will eventually weaken some of the repressive tendencies of their government. But if Cuba ceases being a place where the natives are consumed with baseball and no longer need cars from the 1950s, it will lose the archaic quirkiness that makes it interesting.” — Pedro Velazco

“No, let’s extend the embargo another 50 or so years. I’m sure it will work given enough time. I’m kidding of course, but it is amazing how long this has been allowed to go on for. I would absolutely visit Cuba if I could, along with many other places in this world I’ve never been.” — Rob Burgess

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