Alice Cooper in Peru

Alice Cooper turns his putter into an air guitar while posing with Rock Hollow Golf Club co-owner Chris Smith, to his left. Band mates Chuck Garrick, right, and Ryan Roxie also pose.

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PERU – Mandy Mavrick was carrying around water and donuts at Rock Hollow Golf Club Thursday morning for the first annual Circus City Festival Golf Outing when she saw someone she never expected to see.

“I was just out there to run the golf outing,” Mavrick said. “Who knew Alice Cooper was going to be there?”

That’s right. Alice Cooper, the infamous rock legend known as the “Godfather of Shock Rock” who wrote smash hits like “School’s Out,” played a round of golf on a bright, sunny Thursday morning in Peru.

Mavrick, executive vice president of the Circus City Festival, said suffice it to say, it was pretty staggering to see one of the most famous and recognizable rockers of all time teeing off right before her eyes.

“We were shocked, for sure,” Mavrick said. “It was pretty cool.”

She even managed to snag a picture with Cooper and two of his bandmates before handing them some of her donuts.

But Cooper’s appearance at Rock Hollow didn’t come as a surprise to its owners. General Manager Travis Smith said Cooper had called three weeks ago to schedule a game at the course before playing a concert Thursday evening at the Honeywell Center in Wabash.

In fact, Cooper, 71, is an avid golfer who almost always plays a round before his shows. And he’s a solid player, Smith said.

“He’s pretty good for his age,” he said. “He hits it well and he’s an all-around good player.”

Alice Cooper in Peru

Mandy Maverick, executive vice president of the Circus City Festival, poses with rock legend Alice Cooper at Rock Hollow Golf Club. Band mates Chuck Garrick, right, and Ryan Roxie also pose. Photo submitted.

Cooper and some of his band ended up teeing off right before the Circus City Festival Golf Outing got underway, which is a fundraiser for Peru’s annual festival that starts Friday.

Mavrick said Cooper got a kick out of the fact that he was playing golf in a town that still puts on a circus show every year.

“He was telling everyone that he thought that was cool, because his show is like a circus and has a lot of circus themes,” she said.

Cooper ended up playing his round with Rock Hollow owners Chris and Todd Smith, who are both professional golfers who play on PGA tours.

Travis Smith said he’s not sure why Cooper decided to play at their course, but everyone was happy he did.

“We were really honored to have him play here today,” Travis Smith said. “I don’t know how he caught wind of our course, but probably through the Calloway (Golf Company) grapevine, because we’re big on Calloway here at Rock Hollow and I know he is, too."

Alice Cooper may be known for his 50-year span putting on ghoulish, macabre performances, but everyone who met him on the golf course Thursday agreed on one thing: He’s a really, really nice guy.

“He was super nice,” Mavrick said. “The whole band was super nice.”

Travis Smith said they’ve had other famous golfers and even some big-name politicians play at the course, but Alice Cooper is probably the most recognizable name that’s every graced their greens.

“It’s a nice draw for us when we get a guy like Alice Cooper come through and random people get to meet him,” he said. “It’s great that when he goes places, he’s out in the public and willing to talk to people. He’s very kind, and a great guy to be around.”

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