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REMEMBERING HIS MOTHER: Reomey Northington pauses for a moment as he talks about his mom, Evelyn Cameron, while his aunt Semerial Cameron stands behind him.

Mitch Herr had known Evelyn Cameron and her family for years. It never ceased to amaze him at the bond between mother and son, sister and sister, and the family in general.

And now her family is left to mourn her.

On Oct. 26, Evelyn was driving home with her son, Reomey Northington, and two other teens when a truck rear-ended her PT Cruiser on U.S 31 in Tipton County. Both she and Reomey were ejected from the vehicle. She died from the head and chest trauma.

Reomey did not suffer life threatening injuries and now lives with his aunt, Evelyn’s sister, Semerial Cameron.

“She was awesome and fun, my best friend, and I’m really going to miss her,” Semerial Cameron said of her sister.

Evelyn Cameron’s death is one of a growing number of traffic fatalities in and around Howard County this year that has families and police concerned.

“They had a closeness before the accident that a lot of families don’t have,” Herr said.

The sisters were so close that Cameron assumed the role of Reomey’s legal guardian with ease.

“A lot of people would be dreading taking over the teen’s life. [Evelyn] made it easy for me. He’s been taught to respect his elders,” Cameron said.

“I got some big shoes I got to fill,” she added.

In addition to respecting his elders, Reomey is a talented basketball player.

“From a basketball standpoint, I think Reomey is the best guard ever,” Herr said. Herr is the junior varsity basketball coach for Taylor High School.

Reomey admitted it hasn’t quite hit him yet. It doesn’t seem real, he said.

He recalled sitting in the hospital.

“I was saying ‘how’s my mom? How’s my mom?’ When my family first told me she was dead, I thought they were joking. I mean, I know they’d never joke about something like that, but still.”

Evelyn’s accident was a hit-and-run. It took a few days for the driver of the truck, James Maiden, to turn himself in.

Recalling that, Reomey teared up. His aunt interceded and said, “I don’t have any animosity or hard feelings toward James Maiden.”

“A lot of times, our death is used to glorify the Lord. [I hope that God] uses my sister for Mr. Maiden to know who God is.”

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