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1. What issues do you see as the most pressing specifically for the city’s third district? (Keep answers confined to topics that are handled by the Common Council.)

2. The Kokomo Common Council has in recent years gained attention for two major votes: approving a resolution that allowed a smoking ban within city limits, and an ordinance that amended the human rights municipal code to include LGBT protections, specifically a ban on discrimination concerning a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Did you support those measures? Why or why not?

3. In its 2019 budget, the council placed an emphasis on the city’s parks and trail system and Kokomo Beach upgrades. What would you push to become a focal point of the 2020 budget?

John Wright

Work/elected experience: Retired sheet metal worker; business agent; previous Greentown clerk-treasurer

Age: 60

Family: Wife, Sharon; three children; eight grandchildren

Question answers:

1. Public safety: fire, police and street departments. AFSCME members.

2. No. Places serving liquor should have been exempt. Yes, no one person or group should ever be discriminated against.

3. Public safety.

Cathy Cox-Stover

Work/elected experience: I am currently employed as the Community Services Involvement Director in the Indiana Men's prison system and have previously worked at GM/Delphi. Over the past 32 years, I have served the community through numerous organizations and boards, including Open Arms shelter.

Age: Did not answer.

Family: I have lived in Howard County with my 2 children and 8 grandchildren my whole life.

1. The neighborhoods in District 3 are in need of additional street lighting for safety. We must also improve access to public partnerships that assist homeowners with repairs of sidewalks. In addition to finding ways to assist homeowners with sidewalk repairs, the city should explore new sidewalks along streets where safety has become an issue. The city council also needs to work with the mayor to attract new, diverse job opportunities to the east side of Kokomo as well as work to address the food desert on the north end of the district.

2. A comprehensive smoking ban passed by the city piggybacked the countywide legislation passed earlier on the same day by the Howard County Council. The smoking ban has led to increased revenue for many of our City's businesses and a healthier environment for our citizens.

The passing of legislation that amended the city's human rights municipal code to include LGBTQ+ protection made the legislation language a more inclusive civil rights ordinance. In my opinion every person should be treated equal and protected under the law. The expanded human rights ordinance sends a message that Kokomo is an open and welcoming place to live, work, and explore. Discrimination has no place in Kokomo.

3. A focal point of the 2020 budget needs to be ensuring public safety. It's evident that public safety is the number one priority of our residents, while continuing to promote participation on the city's parks and trails. This will create a safer city that brings our families together for a healthier lifestyle. I would also like to explore our council meetings being held in community centers throughout the city so that everyone has a chance to have their voices and concerns be heard.

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