Rick Chandler

Candidate name: Rick Chandler

Work/elected experience: City Councilman, District 3, Tipton, since October 2018. Insurance Agent at Country Corner Insurance in Tipton for 7 years.

Age: 47

Family: Married to Karri (Logan) Chandler for 22 years; children: Ethan, 19 (freshman at Ball State University, Evan, 15 (freshman at Tipton High School)

What new programs or projects, if any, would you implement if elected to the Tipton city council?

I will work with the newly elected mayor and my fellow council members to live stream all city meetings and public hearings. It is important that all citizens be given the opportunity to see for themselves, firsthand, the issues that we address in these meetings and hearings. It’s something that the county is currently doing, and I feel very strongly that the city should follow suit.

I am also looking into the feasibility of opening a full-service animal shelter to serve the citizens of Tipton. Right now, we have a single animal control officer who does a great job but has very limited resources to work with. I’d like to see these resources improved, and the opening of a full-service animal shelter would go a long way toward those means.

What is the biggest issue facing Tipton, and what would you do to address it?

The need for additional economic development. I believe we can attract good companies to relocate to Tipton by simply selling the positive attributes of our city to existing companies currently located elsewhere. We offer easy access to the US. 31 corridor, making it simple to ship products and receive goods. We can also offer tax abatements to these companies as a financial incentive to relocate to our community. Attracting these new companies will also go a long way toward increasing our population by attracting working-age families to our city. This will create the need for additional housing to be built within our community to accommodate our growing population. These are just a few of the good things that will happen by our city actively promoting economic development.

How is the tax abatement structure affecting Tipton, and what’s your position on tax abatements in the future?

I think that the tax abatement structure affects our city in a positive manner. It allows us over time to collect additional tax revenue on a piece of previously undeveloped property without losing any of the tax revenue that the city would have already been collecting if the property had remained undeveloped. As I stated in my previous response, I think that tax abatements can be used as a valuable tool to help incentivize companies to relocate to our community.


Randy Horton did not respond to the candidate questionnaire for City Council, District 3.


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